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Hi, my name is ORii
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Fix my soul with superglue--A Poem--

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Created: 2013-01-04 12:04:26 All stories by Original_screen_name
Remember when I was broken

And I stumbled here to you

To see what you could do

And you pulled out your super-glue

To mend my broken soul


Those were the days


Remember that?

Those were the days.

How they passed by in a haze

Everyone was slightly crazed

Living off in our own worlds


But now theyíre gone


Everything fades in time

And now theyíve gone I donít know where

I looked here

And I looked there

I looked under the bed


Where does whimsy go to die?


And who am I to complain?

I was the first to go

Perhaps the first to know

That the whole world is not all for show

You have to work hard to get by


The real world; itís made of elbow grease


Now weíre all grown

And we work instead of play

How we pass the days

With significantly little craze

It makes me sad


But here I am again


Iím back now at the door

Knocking here for you

To see if you have any superglue

Because I donít know what to do

About my fractured soul


Letís piece it back together.


Notes: Just a little sigh of a poem. I've seen a few faces I know around here. Anyone around and want to do something fun? I miss poetry wars....

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Posted On: February 22, 2013
Is it crazy that I had a mini flashback while reading this? I know most people moved onto tumblr, like lee and erin and a few others I think. I follow them but never post really. I don't really get on here, but I do check it from time to time. I almost feel like this place is where it all started and I don't think I'll ever be able to let that go.

It's sad to see this place slowly crumbling. Then again, maybe there will be a new generation of writers that stumble upon this website, grow as writers, become crazy and fun and a dysfunctional family just as we did. I think I would like that to happen. I would really like TDP story section to become a sorta legacy.

That would make me really happy.

*~Tink McTigerlily~*


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Posted On: January 15, 2013
its so nice to see yur still on here years later I hope I have a lot of catching up on some good stories orii

United Kingdom
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Posted On: January 15, 2013
It would be nice to turn back time and relive those great moments. Can't believe how long it's been!!
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