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Hi, my name is Brianne
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By IPWNJOO Send DollMailVisit Website
Created: 2005-03-19 20:38:55 All stories by IPWNJOO
So here I am, in a new place, searching for my personality. I am so disorientated, I don't know what's going on. All I know is that I might be here a while. I wish I could go back to Stargate Gardens, my old home. Doesn't look like that'll happen anytime soon.

A boy walks up to me. He's looking very cute, dressed in a yellow sweatshirt and jeans. His lips start moving and he's very friendly. "Hi," he says. "I'm Josh."

"Nice to meet you," I say, my voice echoing my British accent. Josh stares at me, as if I'm some sort of alien life form.

"Dude, you're, like, from England, right?"

"Uhh, yeah... what do you think I'm doing here? Am I Scandinavian-German-South Polian? I don't think so"

"Dude, don't get all british on me!"

I take that as an insult. "You think you can insult my country?"

"Hey, hey, slow down Bri-bri. I'm not sayin' that the British are bad. I just wanna little sumetin-sumetin, you know what I mean?"

"UGH!" I hate this guy. Josh. Whatever you want to call him. He's pretty much acting like an idiot. Correction: he IS an idiot. GOD! I walk away, leaving behind all first impressions of him.

But the next day, when I go to school, I see him everywhere. He's in the hallways, in my math class... he's always moving around me, talking to me, asking questions, etc. He's the only one who notices me. God, am I ever annoyed.

"How old are you?"

"Will you SHUT IT? Oh, uh, thirteen. Why?"

He grins a lazy grin, his eyes twinkling. "So am I... sweet thing."

I turn bright red and stomp off. How dare he call me 'sweet thing'? I've never been more embarrassed in my life.

It's the next day, and he's constantly on my back, in my mind, never giving me any privacy. He's outside my locker, waiting for me to come by. He's even started sitting at my lunch table. All the other girls are giggling but I don't give. He's not even playing hard-to-get.

Yet he's on my mind all the time. When I see him, I swear my stomach flips. It's creepy. And then, I feel like flying and screaming and sobbing and laughing all at once. He's really got to stop doing this to me.

But then it's suddenly after school. And I find out that he's just happening to walk me home. He turns to me and says, "Listen, Brianne."

I won't listen. He's so beautiful and annoying and doing my head in. "What?" I snap back.

"I-I, uh, I... I think you're beautiful."

My hand automatically goes to my lips. "Really? N-n-not just because of my accent?"

"No," he says, and takes my hand. And then he kisses me, right on the lips. Just a gentle kiss, but nevertheless a kiss.

I float on air, feeling happy for the rest of the week. I have found myself.

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