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Hi, my name is Alex
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Fifth grade at Hogwarts: Part 3

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By Tara_Tarja Send DollMailSend EmailVisit Website
Created: 2006-08-16 15:06:15 All stories by Tara_Tarja
He would have some Prefects that watched me. So I couldn't do something bad. I agreed and Dumbledore left. After a week I was healthy enough to be with the other students. I was still depressed, and soon we were going to choose what kinda work we wanted. Because Dumbledore had his best teachers and students in Gryffindor, I was replaced there on indefinite time.

Ron and Hermione took care of me (most Hermione because Ron thought that I was a saint) everytime I feelt bad. One day I got a relapse. I ran away at the lunch and Ron and Hermione ran after me. I was all gone, I couldn't feel my feets or my body at all. I just... walked into the toilet and tried to cut. But they took me and tried to calm me down. After that day I was relieved that I didn't do that. Instead I tried to make friends. But nobody wanted to get near me, they called me names. Most freak. But Draco haven't said anything. I think he's afraid that the others is going to tease him. I mean a Slytherin would never care about anybody else than a Slytherin. When it was my turn to talk with Professor McGonagall about what work I wanted I saw that the stupid Umbridge were there. I never had a detention at her place yet. But I saw Harrys hand after his.

"You may sit Miss Alexandra."

"Oh, sure."

"So, have you thought about what kinda work you want?"

"Yes Professor. But nothing in the magic world."

"Really? Well you can be anything you want. You have good grades and I think you would fix that exam excellent."

"Urhm, may I say something Minerva?" (Umbridge)

"So what do you want to do then Miss Alexandra?"

"Well I want to have a kennel, with German Shepherds."

"Urhm, Minerva?" (Umbridge)

"What now Dolores?

"I have a comment. If she doesn't want to be a witch, what is she doing here?"

"Well she has the gift of a witch. And if she doesn't want to be something big then I shouldn't force her."

"Can I go now Professor?"

"You may go,but you should really think about this. You can work at the ministry."

"I'm pretty sure, but I will think about it."

I left the room and walked down to the dinner.

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