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Hi, my name is Ellasombr e & Sierra
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By Lil_lion_cub66 Send DollMail
Created: 2012-12-09 05:55:42 All stories by Lil_lion_cub66
Chapter 1 - Tears

"What should we name them, Jack?" Verity asked.

"I think Elise and Sacha sounds nice!" Jack said, gently rocking the youngest. Verity poked him.

"We're not naming our children after your high school girlfriends!" She said. Jack stepped back.

"Fine. How about..." Jack thought for a moment.

"How about Ellie-may and Sherell?" Verity said, sitting up in the hospital bed. Jack sighed.

"No school friends." Jack said, raising his eyebrow. Verity sighed.

"Fine then! Oh, I know! Ellasombre and Sierra!" Verity replied. Jack nodded.

"I think that sounds perfect!"

9 months later

"Jack! Jack look! Sierra's learnt to walk!" Jack looked away from Ellasombre, over to Sierra, who fell into his lap. "Well done Sierra!" He said, and lifted her up.

8 months later

Loud beepings and panicked voices were everywhere. Jack hurried with Ellasombre and Sierra to the hospital room. He stood by Verity's bed. "Verity? Verity? You're going to make it through, you hear?" Suddenly, the beeping was more frenzied, but the people's voices were more calm. "What- what happened?" Jack asked as he was hurried out of his wife's room.

1 week later

Jack stood by his wife's grave, with his head bowed and tears rolling into the hole.


Chapte r 2 - The incident

Ellasombre pulled open the door and closed it behind her. "Hey girls!" Her father's voice came from the living room. Ellasombre ignored it and walked up the stairs. She was stiff and looked possessed, kind of creepy with wide eyes staring blankly ahead, unable to beleive what had happened. The living room door opened and Jack appeared around the corner. "Ella? Where's Sierra?"

It seemed to Ella that she had just appeared sitting on the sofa, wrapped in a towel to soak up all the water, but of course she and her father had walked. "What happened?" He asked her quietly. "We... we were playing by the river... It started to rain... It was muddy... She... she slipped... I tried... but the current..." Tears were rendering her unable to talk. Jack nodded solemly and hugged her. "It's going to be okay." He whispered.

A/N- Yeah, I guess this isn't the best quality of writing. I wrote it a while ago. And why has Ellasombre's eyes dissapeared on the picture? They're supposed to be red, as are her lips. Anyway, It'll get better, I promise. After chapter 5 or something. Yeah, I'm working on it.


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United Kingdom
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Posted On: February 12, 2013
I like the idea but needs a bit of work why don't you use this as a basis and try and re write it so it's a little less disjointed.
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