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Hi, my name is Faea
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Elf girl

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Created: 2005-11-10 23:18:01 All stories by
(hey. read my other stories ,K?)

Faea,elf girl like the rest.But not.

When she was small,about 10 years old She wandered out of the forest,and into the human land.She ran along,Her purple dress and wings flying behind her.Soon she came to a stop.She watched a little boy and his little sister play princess and royal gaurd.They stared her direction and her wings fluttered,she approached them gracefully.Butterflys swarmed over her then left as she bowed royaly,"Hello."she said ellagently her wings fluttering as she glided over to them,"H-hi!"said the little girl,Nymah.The boy,about 10 or 11 stared mouth hanging open,"D-do...Y-y-you want to play..."he asked timidly."Yes please!"she said exitedly,"Ok! Rose is always the Queen though!"said the boy smileing,"Ok! ill be the fairy guardian."she said fluttering up and hovering over them.

Over time she became nearly 14,she went back to the place.She had come here everyday since her encounter with the boy and girl.The girl was 10 now,and the boy 15.She glided up and flew down as they approached,"i have got something for you,Rose,And you to Zean."she said handing them boxes,they both opened them and Rose found a dress like Faea's,only in a long silken red.And Zean found a large sword,not a stick,a live sword."Just dont kill anyone,haha!"she said with a laugh as she glided up teaseingly.

((ill make this a serise if you rate high.I was atleast 3 5*S to make another part.)

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