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Hi, my name is dollerell a
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By pAnIc_At_ThE_dIsCo_GiRl Send DollMailAIM
Created: 2006-08-29 20:47:55 All stories by pAnIc_At_ThE_dIsCo_GiRl
Now this is a story of a girl named Dollerella. She lived in a very poor house because her family couldn't afford anything nice. One day Dollerella's father asked her to go to take some bread and soup to her dying aunt. So she went wandering through the woods towards her aunts house when she saw something shiny on the floor.

She went and picked it up and it turned out to be a beautiful little statue of a castle. She started to wipe it off when all of a sudden a whole bunch of smoke started coming out of the little flag on top of the little statue. Then out of the smoke appeared a beautiful woman in magnificent clothes.

The woman told Dollerella that she was a genie. The genie told her that she had one wish and she only gets to choose out of 2 wishes. The genie told her that she can either wish for her aunt to get better or she can wish to live in the beautiful Doll Palace that Dollerella had always dreamed of living in.

Since Dollerella was a kind and sensitive girl she automatically chose for her aunt to get better. The genie told her that her wish was granted and since she had been so unselfish she would grant the other wish too...for Dollerella and her family to live in the Doll Palace. Dollerella quickly thanked the genie and ran to get her aunt so that her and her family could live in THE DOLL PALACE.

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