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Hi, my name is Wonderlan d Siona
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Doll Palace Wonderland

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By Brialinni Send DollMailSend EmailYIM
Created: 2006-08-31 16:07:13 All stories by Brialinni
It really shouldn’t have surprised anyone to find the section of house we did, I mean really, it shouldn’t have. We live in a realm of time/space that is, yet isn’t part of time/space. Many have called where we live the Fairy Realm, Underhill, even Avalon. We’ve named it Crossroads, and it very much is it’s own reality. Especially the house/mansion in which we live. It changes depending on what we need. So, like I said, it really shouldn’t have surprised us to find a section labeled “The Doll Palace”.

all came about one dreary rainy day, Crossroads has it’s own weather system and it had decided it was time to have a rainy season. Me and my sisters were getting restless and cranky when our brothers suggested we go for a ramble through the house. Who knew what we might find? They themselves were happily discussing the rules for the latest round of mudball, the rules seemed to shift and change as much as the house around us did. After a brief moment of discussion in which we packed up sandwiches, coffee and cookies we set out to explore our house.

We almost came to blows when we stopped to check out the Library of Unwritten Books. “No, no, no, no!” Funny how when siblings argue we seem to digress to three year olds. “This, the kitchen and our bedrooms seem to be about the only stable things in this household, it’ll still be here. C’mon sis, maybe we can find a room that leads to a sun warmed meadow with a stream running through it.” We didn’t find a room like that this particular trip, but we did find where any Crown Jewels that have ever gone missing end up, we’ve found rooms that belong in Hollywood movies based on nightmares and after finding a room that recreated the set from Rivendell we decided that Siona had been watching way too much Lord of the Rings again. I looked at Jess and said "If we find a room based on 'Alice in Wonderland' I'm gonna search until I find a room based on Heinlein's writings." All they could do was laugh, fantasy did seem to be the order of the day.

Our first clue that things were different happened when we turned a corner and there in front of us was a castle wall. French fantasy with a twist of Persian elegance, it looked like it should grace a Hollywood filming lot. The sign above the door clearly read, “The Doll Palace”. Siona looked at the wall and in a calm and matter of fact voice said. “Ok, that’s interesting.” Jess just nodded, her eyes scanning the exterior. I just grinned, “Maybe when can find some Alice in Wonderland dolls in here.” Little did I know. When we opened the door and stepped through, it really was like going through the rabbit hole.

Eyes blinked and jaws dropped as we looked at ourselves and each other. “Well Jess, I think this could count as the ultimate in Alice costumes.” When we’d walked through the Palace doors we’d become cartoon dolls. Siona looked at her self and her eyes went flat, it was probably bad enough that she’d become a cartoon doll, but to be in an black evening dress wearing heels? “Someone just shoot me now? PLEASE?” The eyes were now begging and beseeching. “At the very least find a way to change my clothes?!”

“Oops, looks like someone goofed and got us switched.” I was wearing rangers leathers and a cloak. “What if we leave and then come back in? Hopefully that’ll ‘reset’ the settings”. The answer was short and to the point, “Fine, as long as I’m not in a dress. Got it?” I nodded and headed for the door. “Jess, you gonna stay here? We’ll be right back.” She nodded absently as she looked around the large, brightly decorated area. As soon as we stepped through the door onto the other side we were back to ‘normal’. “Love you sis, have fun playing with the doll clothes. I’m gonna go join the boys in their game of mudball.” I laughed warmly. “I’m sure Jess will be following you shortly. Me? I’m gonna explore a bit, see what kinda styles they have available.” Siona shook her head and groaned. “Just don’t forget to eat ok?”

Jess joined us as I grinned and giggled, “Yes dear, I promise dear. We’re having lasagna tonight, no way am I willing to miss that.” “Darn, does this mean I have to share?” Jess said in a fake whine. Siona shot back with a long look. “Why do you think I make sure we each have our own baking dish? The boys will eat anything not nailed down. The two of them gave me a hug and told me to have fun, they’d see me when I surfaced. As they turned the corner I turned around and opened up the door to the Doll Palace, this promised to be fun.

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United Kingdom
All My Stories
Posted On: August 31, 2006
Well written! I like your use of dialogue and the descriptive words. Good luck with future stories!

United Kingdom
All My Stories
Posted On: August 31, 2006
ooh, please read mine: ~*Fairies, Kisses and Magic makes a girl Dizzy*~ . ust copy and paste it lolz. it's pretty long, i wrote it from 11 0 'till 1 0!! ARGH! it was on the laptop lolz, so I move around.
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