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Hi, my name is Kira
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By Jess_Lauren Send DollMail
Created: 2006-08-30 12:08:43 All stories by Jess_Lauren
Have you ever heard about Kira? Probably not! My name is Dew-Drop keeper of the animals and flowers, not other plants though, that's Mulberry's job. My best friend is called Kira, keeper of the night. Let me tell you about Kira...

It was one early morning about, 5.00am Kira was just returning from work at the doll palace where all the fairies and dolls go to work and have fun. Some of us live there and others are born there when someone kind to make one of us at the doll maker. Kira is usually very tired but today something was very different about her. Everyone was asking what was the matter, but she just kept saying the same, "I will tell you when I'm good and ready!" The next week she sent for me. "Dew-Drop, don't tell anyone what I'm about to tell you but I've met someone called Fire. He's my world I love him! And we've got married and I'm having his fairy or doll I don't know yet!" Well that was it I fell off my stool.

It was human autumn now, over 3 weeks had past. everyone knew about Kira's news, but Jessica the head of the doll palace didn't! She called Kira for a regular meeting so Kira's wages could be sorted out, "Tell me Kira, what do you think about the doll palace?" Jessica asked the pregnant fairy. "I think its a haven, heaven on earth, I can escape from myself here and enjoy my friends company. I love working here, well I wouldn't call it work I would call this a place to play dolls and have some fun. I've met fantastic dolls and fairies here and for that priviledge I would like to thank you and at the same time apollogise for what I'm about to say, I'm married to Fire and pregnant with his doll or fairy!" Jessica took it into acount. She paced around the purple palace nearly wearing the floor away, night passed and then day came. Night came again and Jessica still didn't know what to say to Kira. The following week Jessica managed to catch up with Kira. Her hand tremebeled as she shook her hand and congratulated her, "In honour of your little miracle I would like to offer you a five bedroom semi-detached home right next to the doll palace and a huge raise to help support your family..." Kira hadn't grown up, she'd never been a child, someone very helpful made her so ofcourse she accepted the offer for her child to grow up and have fun. Many, many weeks later Kira gave birth to her and Fire's first born. She had a little fairy girl, they called Smudge, watcher over chocolate and yummy things. The Staff at the doll palace were very helpful and Kira becam the happiest fairy and mother ever to be at the doll palace.

This story is to thank everyone at the doll palace for their support and help during a lot of problems I have had, and I have had millions! Thank you!

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Centredale, RI
All My Stories
Posted On: August 31, 2006
Love it, love it!
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