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Hi, my name is Ella
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Destiny in a Diary pt II

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By PsychoKittie Send DollMail
Created: 2014-01-02 06:15:32 All stories by PsychoKittie
Date: Nov 4, 2003

Today, while I was working at the market downtown, I met a strange girl. I don't even know her name but we acted like we were best friends ! She wore a strange worn out red hoodie, Totally creepy if you ask me. I asked Linda (( MEGA BEST FRIEND )) if she knew her, It turns out she's always at the market wearing the same hood everyday. She seemed super nice though! Tomorrow I'm gonna wake up early and go investigate! Ms. Red Hood seemed suspicious as she left the market. Am I going too far? I don't know but my gut has never failed me! Plus I need to work extra hours if I'm gonna buy those new shoes down at the mall. If only mother would let me earn money by doing my chores! I mean, we are rich enough! Yet I work my butt off like I'm poor! At least I'm not poor. It could be tots worse.

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