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Hi, my name is Jess
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Deception - Part Two

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Created: 2004-12-22 19:05:30 All stories by
It was almost completely dark now in the forest. Still, no sounds could be heard. Surprisingly, not even the sounds of myself and the cloaked person walking along the hard path.

I began to see a reddish light ahead of me. I had wondered what it could be, thinking that it couldn’t have anything to do with the town since there was still no sound around me.

I was right about what I thought, too. I walked out of the trees into a clearing filled with the red light. The light was coming from a pool in the middle of the clearing which was filled to the brim with a red liquid, unmistakably blood.

I looked around for the person who had led me there, but saw no sign of them. I slowly began walking toward the pool, unable to stop myself, just as before. I stepped up onto the edge and looked down.

The pool of blood was completely still, not a single ripple on its surface. The blood red light reflecting in my eyes, I fell forward, and slowly sank to the bottom.

To Be Continued...

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