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Hi, my name is Dangeria
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Death is Like Candy *Prologue*

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By Eeyore_buddy Send DollMailSend EmailYIM
Created: 2013-09-26 03:19:14 All stories by Eeyore_buddy
The stalking of my prey has always been the most intriguing part of my life. Well, if you'd call it a life. I never burst forth from a mother into a room of swooning doctors and a terrified father. I was created much like a robot, but without the gears and technology. I guess the best to way to describe me, is the devil's daughter. I earn the right to "live" by preying on the soul's of the living. Tonight's victim? a 24-year-old medical student. Not my idea of a challenge, but time was running out for me to take a new soul to my father.

I lurk in the shadows, staying hidden from my victim until the moment I strike. They never suspect a thing. Martin Quincy Delmont was no exception, in fact, he seemed to be the most unsuspecting human I'd ever seen. He walked with such a naive stride, as if he thought the world was a safe dome of bountiful happiness. Poor thing didn't stand even a molecule of a chance against what was to come. Until...

"Toby! Dude! Can you give me a ride home? For some reason my mother isn't answering her phone. Probably out with her low-life boyfriend," Martin approached a lanky dark-haired young man.

"Sure, man. I was heading that way anyways. The girl wants me to go over." At that point I tuned out of their conversation as a thick fogged enveloped me and dragged me into the fiery depths of hell. I'd have to think quick if I wanted to appear before my father with a soul to add to his collection.

I know it's short, but I'm really just trying to experiment with an old story idea.

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