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Hi, my name is Maryanna Johnson
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Dead Mans Land 2: A Murderer's Daughter [1]

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By XxEternallyBrokenxX00 Send DollMail
Created: 2006-12-06 17:20:26 All stories by XxEternallyBrokenxX00
This is the Sequel to Dead Man's Land. The Murderer's Daughter.

* * *

Maryanne Johnson was a small girl. Her family was complicated. Her mother Rosetta Bright was rap.ed and murdered. She was hung on the roof of a high school. When she was taken away to be examined,they noticed she was pregnant. And the baby survived barely breathing.Morgan Ash,Rosetta's best friend,died weaks after her. She died days before she had the chance to find out she had a daughter. A very premature daughter.

There was no sign of a father. Everyone thought she committed suicide. They thought the reason why she committed suicide was because she was rap.ed and couldnt handle it. Maybe she knew she was going to become pregnant and couldnt stand the thought of abortion. Her best friend Morgan committed suicide the same way in the same place weaks after her death.

Maryanne was placed in a foster home as soon as she was old enough to leave the hospital. She left Rosetta's body at only one month pregnant. When she was one and a half she was old enough. She grew up being known as a miracle. Surviving even after her mother died such a tragic fate while she was living inside of her. Qurstion..Miracle or Curse?

She ended up in a Foster home with a woman named Betty and a man named Richard. They were so kind to her. All of her foster brothers and sisters thought she was the sweetest girl ever. Lurking deap inside of her was a dark and growing shadow of lies. Her whole life was a lie. She didnt even notice it until she turned fourteen.

to be continued

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All My Stories
Posted On: December 6, 2006
awsome...keep goin

United Kingdom
All My Stories
Posted On: December 6, 2006
luv it!!!!! plz dollmail me wen da next part iz out

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