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Created: 2006-03-23 17:08:37 All stories by
~ Darkness ~

Why does life

Seem to love

To deceive


Maybe for a second.

Or maybe for two.

But we always end




Un-cared for.

Without a trace

In this world

Of love

Or affection

Towards us.

So at night

We cry

And beg

The world

For one last


But the world does not care.

The world ignores our pleas

And begs.

The world acts as

If they were never said.

Never thought of.

Never existed.

And life carries on.

With some happy faces

In the crowd.

Happy faces from

The young.

The innocent.

The ones who

Have felt no pain.

When we have.

We attempt to

Protect them.

To hide them.

To keep them from

The darkness.

But we cannot keep

Them away


The darkness

Will eat them.

It will devour them

And the world

Will go black.

Without light.

Without hope.

We cannot protect them


Their hearts will


Of pain.

Of misery.

And we will not

Be able to

Help that.

We will only be able

To see them

And wish

We could have


Because the darkness

Will get to all.

No one

Is safe from it.

It will scorn our tender


It will devour all


And leave

Nothing but


Nothing but

Itself will be here

To keep us warm.

To comfort us.

To shelter us.

We will be


To all attacks.

~ fin ~

Member Comments  

North Huntingdon, PA
All My Stories
Posted On: March 23, 2006
well writen very good poem but really negative not exactly my cup of tea but defiantly well dun. you area true poet.

Haiku, HI
All My Stories
Posted On: March 23, 2006
THAT WAS SO AWESOME. very deep but you truly are a GREAT poet

North Ridgeville, OH
All My Stories
Posted On: March 23, 2006
wow.. thats sad..
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