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Hi, my name is Danae
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Danae's Secret

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By chloesammy Send DollMailVisit Website
Created: 2006-09-10 20:23:05 All stories by chloesammy
Danae was 13, a young girl slowly florishing into a woman. And despite her typically mature appearance and ways, she had a single secret that she knew would ruin her reputation. It was about the beautiful castle that she kept in her room. It was made of stone, with each tiny gray brick placed carefully in its place. The small field was filled with trees, grass and flowers-each perfectly proportioned and miniscule. If not for it's size, it could have been a real castle.

Danae dreamed that she was a princess in the palace. She would create the most beautiful dolls, matching the size and quality of her castle. She called it the Doll Palace.

One thing you have to understand about Danae is that she had never fit in. She was pushed away from everyone, and nobody even wasted their time teasing her. She would often dream during class and lunch, as a way to preserve her sanity. If she had remained concious of her surroundings, she would have gone mad with loneliness.

One day a new girl-Cree-joined Danae's homeroom class, and they were coincidentally in all of the same classes. They talked a bit, starting as just friendly chat and becoming heartfelt conversations. By the end of the day, the two were best friends.

As the weeks passed, Danae began to dread the moment that Cree would ask to come over to her house. She would see the dolls and the castle, and she would laugh until tears came to her eyes. She would tell everyone that Danae played with dollies, and she would never be ablle to show her face again.

Then, on an exceedingly hot day, their school bus broke down-right next to Danae's house. Cree's house was over an hour walk away, and the heat was killer.

Danae realized that she would have to take Cree in.

As they walked up the stairs, Cree mentioned how excited she was about seeing Danae's room. At that point, Danae collapsed on top of the stairs, sobbing. She cried as she explained how she was so scared about the dolls and the castle. As she spoke, Cree's eyes grew wide.

" play with dolls, too? I thought I was all alone!"

Danae looked up at Cree with wide, wet eyes. The two embraced laughing as they walked into the room, arm and arm. Suddenly, they saw a glow from the castle. They walked over, and watched for minutes, enthralled-the castle had come to life.

The princess danced across the field with her prince, and the knights drilled with tiny guns. The horses galloped through the dewy grass, their manes flowing behind them. And then-the light died. The princess and prince shared a single sweet kiss before their knees buckled and they flopped to the ground. The horses' joints stiffened as they froze into plastic. The soldiers were posed in an eternal salute. The palace had become still yet again.

The two girls stared at eachother in awe, before laughing with amusement, confusion and wonder. They promised never to tell a soul what they had seen, for they knew that they would be called 'crazy'.

The two girls were best friends until high school, at which point a tragic accident within an Irish castle brought Cree to her death. Danae pondered the possibility of sharing their secret, and decided that it would be for the best.

Now the entire world may know of our wondeful secret, and our even more magical friendship.

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