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Hi, my name is Renae
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Created: 2005-04-09 13:12:48 All stories by
This is Renae, and she is "confused". The reason why you she is "confused" is because of a boy. You see, there is this guy that goes to her school named Nick. She also has two best friends named Jessica and Tiffany. Jessica likes Nick also, and has told Renae that she likes Nick. Tiffany on the other hand, acts like she likes him but wont admit it. Nick and Jessica used to go out. Nick claims he doesnt like Jessica anymore, but i dont know. Jessica as you know, still doeslike Nick. Renae and Nick are really really close. They already act like they go out(but they dont). Everyone want Nick and Renae to go out. Renae also has another best friend named Erica. Erica and Renae are closer to each other than Renae is to Tiffany ad Jessica. Erica has a boyfriend named Bruce. Bruce and Nick are bestfriends. Erica and Bruce especially want Nick and Renae to go out because that will make two best friends going out with two bestfriends. Renae is "confused", and you see why. She doesnt know if she should go out with Nick or not. Will it make Jessica mad, or will it make Tiffany mad if Renae goes out with Nick. Or will it make Erica mad, or Bruce mad, or even Nick mad if she doesnt go out with Nick. Renae has no clue what to do. You see now why Renae is "Confused".

Author: Renae Smith

other words from the author: I hope a lot of you teens or even older than teens can relate to my story. It really is a true story. I just decided not to use the real names of my friends or my friends' boyfriend, or even my soon to be boyfriend(lolhaha) that also is my real name. thank you for reading my story, i will be sure to read your stories.


Renae Smith

P.S. plz rate my story, i wrote it to relate to some of yalls lives. once again, i hope yall like it.

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