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Hi, my name is Kazuko
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Clock and Kazuko

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By Clockwizebaby Send DollMail
Created: 2006-08-29 18:36:53 All stories by Clockwizebaby
"Once upon a time, in a magical land far, far away, was a little elf girl who- ARG!

No, no, no!" I shouted. My name is Kazuko, and merely 24 hours ago I was nothing

but a pile of pixels.

You see, I was nothing more than some colors put together (beautifully!). But I was

the featured doll, and everyone loved me so much. They even drew me with new

outfits. If you went to, then all you would hear was 'Kazuko this,

Kazuko that, new outfits for Kazuko . . . . EVERYTHING was all about me! I was 'The

It-Doll' longer than any other doll had been: 6 months and a half. All of the other

dolls were jealous. I would be, too, if I were one of them. But I'm not. Anyways, then

Jessica, the Top Misstrus aka the boss, decided it was too much of me, so she took

down the featured doll part. And then, you wouldn't believe it: everybody forgot all

about me. The news was no longer about Kazuko, instead about some lip gloss or a

new fashion trend. And all the other dolls stayed clear of me. They hated me

because I was so poular. I was alone, and had nobody to draw me dark gothic

clothes, anyways. So . . . . I decided to escape.

Over a year or so's time, I had made a fake page, ocasionally steeling letters or

whole words from Jessica's news. Everybody just thought they were typos.When it

was ready, I made did the final spell check. Then I waited until there were only a

few dollers left. It was late, I was tired, but I made it. "Perfect," I had whispered as

somebody finally found my trap.


'Hmm, what's this? Why is the word 'a' a link?' thought a girl commonly known as

clockwizebaby, aka Clock. It was Friday and Clock couldn't get to sleep. So she

decided to surf around on TDP for a bit. The calming music and clicking of

dollmakers would surely sooth her. But she ran her mouse over the top of the

homepage, where all that writing is, and a link was in the form of the letter 'a'!

'Maybe it's, like, a secret thingy or something, or like maybe it's a Find the turtle

type thing!' Clock thought excitedly. So, she clicked it.

The page was blue, like all the other pages, except there was no banner at the top

saying 'Take me to the DollPalace', and her toolbars completely disappered.

"What's going on?" She cried outloud. But then her lights flickered off, leaving her in

utter silence and darkness and confusion. Suddenly there was a noise. And a video

started playing on the screen. She turned up her volume. " . . . . Welcome to the

mysterious page of TDP!! Congrats to you, lucky doller! You have found it! So

please, sit down facing your screen. Got that? Ok, now -NO CHEATING- close your

eyes until I say open them. 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . ." And then Clock was hearing

whooshing noises... she could see bright lights, lots of them, through her eyelids.

Then the voice that was counting was right by her. "Open them." the voice said.

"" gasped Clock, but it was too late.


I laughed. It was too easy! Kazuko, you have done it. I felt my hair. It moved and

was silky soft. I felt my hands. Could use some lotion. I felt... I felt! I had been

wanting this feeling forever. I breathed a deep breath.. ahhh. And then I saw tiny

little Clock banging on the computer screen. "You'll put a hole through your gel

screen," I taunted, "Oh wait. You can't. You're nothing but a mess of pixels!" I

giggled at my own genies. Making a transporter . . . why didn't I think of that

before? I decided, first, to change my clothes. But before that, I needed some

basic human information about myself- starting with my age.

I decided, finally, that my name will be the same, Kazuko, and that I will be

seventeen years old. I work at a fast food place and have staright A's in all my

classes at high school. High school! I would have to go there . . . at least once. Oh

how great the human life is! I glanced down at the now pixelized Clock, and

decided to delete the page real quick. Hopefully, including Clock.


Clock went frantic. She was just inserted into this website and her place was taken

by this doll whom she didn't recognise. She walked over to the words 'The doll

Palace' and layed down on them. Then some words hit her: 'Ok, little page, time to

delete you!' clock's mind raced. Delete the page? What about her? And the

teleporter, or whatever got her into this mess? Thinking fast, she ran towards the

emergencey back button. She never knew there was one until she got stuck in her

computor. All the pressure was on her for pressing on it at the exact right moment.

As soon as Kazuko pressed the delete button, Clock jumped on the back button.

Then there was that whooshy noise, and there were pixels flying everywhere! Clock

felt herself being moved along with the other pixels. Then there was a suddden

sharp pain in her forhead- a pink pixel had just whammed her. And there, among

all the moving traffic, were two signs: Deleted Items and Back To the Doll Palace

Home Page. 'Oh great . . .' Clock said, worried as she headed towards the delete

box . . . . .


I tiptoed out of the house, and went to school. But the tiptoeing didn't work out, I

actually had weight and could make real noise. I had borrowed a map from

Clock's house, which looked like a school project or something. But it did have the

high school on it, so I used it. And I did find the school. I pushed open the front

doors, which were open. "Hello?" I called out, surprised by my change of voice.

Some old guy answered me. "Missy, you nuw here? I dun't reko-nize that pretty lil'

face o' yurs." "Yes, I am, Mr. . . ." "I'm the janiter here, and I be the best ya can git!

But I be sayin' you shud git on out, before the princy-pal finds ya here." I nodded.

How odd . . .

I ran to the mall, but that was closed, too. Guess it's too early. I found that perhaps

human life is boring. I'll just go and get that page back, or make a new one and

wait for another perosn to find it. Then I'll make a deal with another 17-year-old,

and swich spots for a little while . . . only I wish I would've seen that white car dart

out- in my direction.


"AhhhhhHHHH!!!!!" Clock screamed. She grabbed tight to a few pixels that were

stuck together. "Help!!!!" she scremed as the pixels picked up speed- straight for the

deleted items box. She shut her eyes and prepared for the worst- hen a hand

grabbed her. It pulled her out of the claws of the deleted and into the line of

moving traffic again. Clock opened her eyes. She was staring into somebody's

else's eyes. She gasped. "It's okay, there. I wont hurt you. I just saved you." said the

boy doll. Clock stuttered out, "I-I-I mean-well, t-th-thank you . . ."she had never seen

a guy so cute before. He laughed. "I'm Ryan. But you can call me Ry. So, going to

the homepage?" Clock shook her head 'no', and then shrugged. "Well, I'm not.. a

doll. I'm a person. At least I was, until this blonde doll traded places with me! And

she deleted the teleporter or whatever she used to switch us. Now, I'm stuck here!"

Ryan frowned. "I dunno. Ask Jessica. She'll know." Clock pointed to the time, since

we were at the homepage already. She said, "Jessica's asleep. I'm stuck here

forever!" "Well then let me show you around, Miss..." "You can call me Clock." Clock

smiled. Maybe this wasn't such a bad thing.


"Oh goodness! Call the police! I hit a girl, I hit a girl!" shouted the driver. Kazuko

could barey breathe. After all, she only started breathing ten minutes ago. The

driver was panicing, and walking around in circles. Kazuko slowly closed her eyes....

and the driver stopped and stared. Kazuko started to flicker, like lights. The driver sat

down and help her head up, shouting 'Wake up! Oh gosh, please wake up!' And

slowly, Kazuko started being pixalized. After all, she wasn't really human. And pixel

by pixel, she was being recreated on a piece of paper. Meanwhile, clock was

sitting by Ryan in the Clubs and Clicks part, when clock started to flicker, too.

"Ryan?" She said uneasily. Ryan looked worried, but by the time he jumped up to

grab Clock's hand, she was floating towards the screen and was no longer a solid.

"Ryan!" she yelled. But then Clock found herself sitting on her bedroom floor, and

the driver, named Jessica, found herself with a piece of paper with a doll on it.

"Wow . . . this is Kazuko! How could I forget Kazuko! I thought I lost her when a

hacker delted her . . . hey, she looks like a sticker! What if I put dolls on stickers? Oh,

what a neat idea!" and Jessica got back into her car, head filled with loads of




"Sweetie! Come down here!" called Clock's mom, "There's new neighboors!" Clock

got up and smelled the air. It was good to be back! But she still felt lonely . . . She

walked downstairs. The neighboors were already in the living room with her

parents. She stopped, dead in her tracks, at stared at the new boy. "I'm Ryan," he

smiled, "Can I call you Clock?"


P.S. This story was completely fictional. I know nothing about how Jessica made

Dollz Stickers or anything of that sort. How you liked!

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All My Stories
Posted On: August 30, 2006
it is to long for words and gets a bit boring

All My Stories
Posted On: August 29, 2006
yup, It's long I know, but very interesting if you read it. Worked on it when I was supposed to be doing Homework 0:-) ttyl, Luv ya!
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