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Hi, my name is Chihiro
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Cinderella story , at camp half blood

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By fooky566 Send DollMail
Created: 2013-05-13 20:09:10 All stories by fooky566
Hi my name is Chihiro,

A few months ago I found out that I was a demigod , but I'm still undetermined. You see when your undetermined nobody likes u till u are determined. And it's just me who's undetermined too.

On a bright sunny day , I was taking a stroll through the forest. I noticed I was about to bump in to the coolest person at camp, Percy Jackson. "Hi Percy!" I blurted out. "Oh , hey Chihiro." He said.

I followed him and started a conversation and it lead to the Aphrodite ball.

"So, who are you taking." I asked

"Well, I'm planning to ask Annabeth." He replied . Our conversation ended at that last line .

In the newly made undetermined cabin, I thought about the dance. " I know that everyone going , maybe I should go to respect the goddess Aphrodite." "But you have nothing pretty to wear , like she's the goddess of beauty ! You shouldn't go if your not going to be beautiful!" Said a mocking voice in my head. "Fine,fine , I won't go but if someone asks me I will ok." I replied to my self , but nobody answered.

On a Friday morning , it was he day for the big ball. Everybody was going except for me. I felt kinda left out. Suddenly I heard a knock on the cabin door." Come in ." I couldn't believe my eyes, Percy was right there when he should be preparing for the ball! " Is this a good time ?"

"Uh, yeah I guess it is."

"Listen , did anyone ask to the dance?"

"No." I said with a jolt of surprise

"Would you like to come with me ?"

"But what about Annabeth?"

"She got the flu."

"Well, uh , ok."

When he left I felt a sudden mix of emotions.

"Annabeth would kill me." I thought

"Still this is Percy Jackson your talking about, your crush!"

"He is not my crush !"

"Seems like it to me."

"Oh shut up!"

"You need to pick out an outfit fast."

It was almost time for the ball to start and I still had nothing to wear. I plopped down on my bed disappointed . " I don't think I can make it ." I said sadly . I was about to cry until, someone so beautiful was in my cabin. Her eyes sparkled with the sunsets sunlight f rom my window. She smelled like , like , oh it's just to hard to tell but she smelled good. Her pink summer dress and hat went well with her blonde hair .

"Oh dear, so tragic, it's so cute."


"Yes my dear, I came to help with your outfit problem."

I tried to say thank you but it came out like "uh da duh "

"Take this , it gives you only the best outfit for what your going through, use it in your worst fashion emergencies."

She handed me a makeup mirror. I blinked and took a look at it , I turned my head to say thank you but she disappeared .

"Go on , don't be so stupid!" Said the voice inside my head

"What?" "Did you just call me stupid."

"She said to use the mirror in your worst fashion emergency and this is one !"

"I guess your right."

" Go on its almost time "

I opened the mirror.

Percys view :

I was there feeling nervous , I knew this was a bad idea . The ball room was in the big house but it looked totally different like the floors were black and white squares and very shiny. They put on wallpaper to make it look like windows and outside the fake windows there was manhattan. I spotted Chihiro . She looked beautiful , better than I imagined. I catched up with her and started talking . It was pretty hard not to stare, like she was very pretty . I noticed everyone started dancing." Wanna dance?" "Sure."

We started dancing , I felt ashamed , everybody was staring at me , giving me a "what about Annabeth " stare. " I need more privacy." I thought . " Wanna go to near the lake, for like more privacy." " Are you saying like on a date?" "No , just as friends." " Uh , ok."

We went near the lake . My riptide fell out of my pocket . We both tried to pick it up till we touched hands. I looked up and we both looked into our eyes , I felt funny , like a zing. " Oh no, Annabeth would kill me if she knew about this!" I thought

I took ,my riptide and stood up and Chihiro sat near the lake .

After a few minutes sitting near the lake I stared talking to Chihiro, she looked scared after five minutes , I wondered why ? "So,uh ..." I started . A huge owl swooped down and started attacking her . I tried to push him away without hurting him, but it was to late Chihiro fell in the lake , I dove after her it she managed to swim up . When we slipped out of the icy cold lake she said " I'm sorry i cause so much trouble." And she ran away and sobbed . "CHIHIRO!" I called after her but she was gone . " Annabeth ." I muttered under my breath .

Back to Chihiro :

I felt so embarrassed , my dress disappeared and I was wearing my pyjamas, I took of my bun and jewelry. " Why would an owl attack me?" I said to myself. " Chihiro , think , who didn't go to the ball ." Said the voice in my head . " Well, only Annabeth , but she's got the flu ." "Yes but , Annabeth is daughter if Athena and Athena is goddess of the owls . Like Annabeth could've told the owls to attack you . She is so protective to her friends you know."the voice said as if she was smarter then me . "Your starting to make sense but I can't jump to conclusions ." "Ok, but when you find out who it was , beat em up cause we're talking first zing here." "We'll see voice,we'll see ."

There was a knock on my door. "Come in." I said . Again , it was Percy . " Listen Chihiro , I'm sorry about yesterday , it was Annabeth who told the owl to attack you. She can get jealous easly but I talked some sense into her , isn't that right Annabeth."

Annabeth came into view . " Listen I'm sorry Chihiro, I thought you guys were on a date , but not as friends." "Hey, everyone makes mistakes , and uh... Apology accepted ." I said .

They left , but after 2 minutes I heard another knock on my door . I opened it and there was Annabeth . She glared at me and said " You take him away from me and I will kill you." And she stormed off.

I felt shocked , first minute she's nice and second she is evil . " I knew I was right , oh you gotta step up your agame girl!" Said the voice inside my head. " It's ok ,it's not like I like him a lot." " But this is code zing like you can't back down on this!" " Well I don't know what I should do?"

To be continued...

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Posted On: May 13, 2013
This is my first story please don't post anything bad but if u can please give me something I should improve for my next story , thx
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