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Hi, my name is Sam
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Chris and Sam

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Created: 2005-01-15 00:44:34 All stories by
She sits alone in the dark

bitting her bottom lip,

Her chest is tight with pain

and her tears begin to drip.

All the golden memories

that fill up inside her head,

Are blackened by the fact that

her sister was found dead.

The feeling Sam had left her

is driving her insane,

Her head just keeps on spinning

she can not take the pain.

Chris punches a big window

that sits right by her bed,

She watches the glass shatter

looks down and sees the blood red.

Although the cuts may later hurt

and probably leave a scar,

The pain she suffers in her heart

beats it by a far.

It's crazy how a life is taken

by only one mistake,

How can God punish someone

He took so long to create?

Sam is gone forever

but her legacy will always stay,

In the minds of her family

who continues to mourn and pray.

As for Chris

in this very year,

She is full of bitterness

And lives without fear.

The reason I write this story

is because I know Chris and Sam

Sam was my sister

and Chris is who I am

So please remember Sam

for her good spirit and heart,

I will never forget her

Even though we are far apart.

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