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Hi, my name is Kiara
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Chosen [02]

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By eros Send DollMailSend Email
Created: 2013-07-25 16:33:00 All stories by eros
Out of nowhere, a force pulled on my arm. I turned around to see Marsy standing there.

"Let me go Marsy," I demanded.

"Kiara, there's nothing you can do about it. They might even take you too," my friend said in a serious tone.

I looked back to the man. He was nearly out the square, but everyone could still hear him pleading for his life. People turned away, with down cast eyes, doing their best not to notice.

"Fine!" I stormed back under the tree and grumbled. "I just wish there was something that I....anyone could do!" I slid down the side of the tree and hung my head in shame.

"I'm sorry Kiara..." Marsy said in a helpless voice.

James came around the corner and saw Marsy and me. "What was all the commotion?" he asked running over to us.

"Another person was taken to Xavaster by the minions," replied Marsy.

"Oh...why don't we go on home then Kiara? I have something to show you." We said our goodbyes to Marsy and went straight home. James put the milk in the fridge and motioned me to come into his room. After he closed the door he said, "Okay. So you wanna know why it was taking me so long to get milk?"

“Sure. Why?" I asked.

"Well on my way to the market there was a strange man in the street. He stopped me and gave me this." James pulled out a map.

"James, don't you know not to talk to strangers?" I replied.

"Yes I know, but he told me to give it to you."

"What?" I snatched the map from him and took a look. The map showed a route to the Southern part of Callista where it's really cold. In the corner on the top it said, "For the Chosen."

"D…Did the man say anything else?" I was in so much shock, words could not form.

"No. I tried to find him after I got the milk, but he disappeared," my brother said looking at me strangely.

"In my dream there's always a voice that says I am chosen."

James looked at me. "I guess you better start packing then!"

"Packing! What do mean packing?" I shouted in confusion.

"Kiara, can't you see? That dude knew you were the 'chosen'. You have to follow this map and find out where it leads to!" James shouted back with excitement.

My head was starting to spin. "James...g...give me a minute." I left and went to my room; so many questions and no one to answer them. I shut my eyes and tried to make some since of it.

A wide open field stretched for miles. The Lavender Tree was about 30 feet in front of me. I ran towards the tree and found an old man lying beneath it. "Hello?" I asked.

"I thought you would never come," the old man looked up at me.

"Who are you?"

"That is not important. What is though is that you must come to South Callista. That is the only way to learn," the strange old man replied.

"What's in South Callista? And to learn what?"

He said, “There you will train. You will learn great powers to help your people."

"Wait! To help my people? How?!" I was starting to get frustrated.

He simply replied, "You'll find that out when the time comes."

I woke up and stared at the ceiling. That was no ordinary dream. I haven't had a dream like that before, and with recent events, it seemed highly possible that it could be true. The map was folded neatly on the floor. I reached down to pick it up. After studying it, and if my calculations were correct, it would take a four day journey to get to South Callista. I need make sure to pack some warm clothes; it's very cold down there.

James slowly opened the door and peeked inside. "Any thoughts on what to do Kiara?" he asked.

"I've been thinking...I'm going to do it!" I said in a confident tone.


X avaster- Zah-Vah-Stir

Marsy- Mar-See

Callista- Cah-List-ah

Kiara- Kie-Rah

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