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Hi, my name is Amelie
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Choosing You XV: Memories

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By xHALLOWEEN Send DollMail
Created: 2008-05-28 17:55:03 All stories by xHALLOWEEN
Blood Pumped Through Me Like Lightning

Beautiful As Ever

She Walked into The Restaraunt

A Tight Green Sweater Pulled Across Her Torso, Hair Messily Torn Away From her Eyes, Thick Eyeliner Framed Them Wonderfully. Short Black Frilly Skirt, Not Too Short, But Enough To Show Off Her Perfect Legs.

Clumsy In High Heels She Wandered To The Matridees Stand, Her Right Hand Behind Her Back, Almost Strapped There. Like Someone Was Holding It There.

or She Was holding Them.

Just Emerging From Behind Her Was A Flick of Short Blonde Hair.

And the swish of the hem of a dress

She Pulled The Stranger To Her Side And i Saw it Was Kate.

Kate Lansworth?

12th Grade, Cheerleading Captain Kate?

Gaybasher Kate.

i Stared At Them In Awe


i Could See The Matridee Gesturing At The Table Next To Devin And I.

Hurrily i Put My Hand To my Forehead And Leaned My Face Down In An Attempt Not To Be Recognised

To No Avail

"Ami?" I Kept My Head Down

"Amelie Daniels! Well hasn't It Been The Longest While?" i Lifted my Head To See her Beaming At Me

And Devin Glaring At Me

"Hey Mitsu, How's It Hanging?"

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