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Hi, my name is Star Blossom
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Chapter 1 | Jupiter

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By ICHIGO_momo Send DollMail
Created: 2010-01-17 17:56:17 All stories by ICHIGO_momo
Chapter one


As her flawless pale yellow hair swept across her porcelain pale face a man gazed at her with his hand on her cheek, their lips touching in a deepening kiss. “My sweet ….” He cooed to her with his palm still against her smooth skin.

“Oh my Lord, I pray my father doesn’t discover where I have gone off to, I am dreaded with the realization that I must leave you.”

“Stay just a moment longer my dear …” He cooed and took her wrist in his hand pulling her closer to him, for she was his … and his alone. “I pray you surrender to your impulses and stay with me, please.” He was practically begging to her. “My Lady … My Venus Sweet.” Venus blushed as she listened to her darling Taurus, his sweet words in his thick Romanian accent, he was a gypsy hired by Venus’s father, Lord Libra.

Watching Venus interacting with her lover from a window was Jupiter, the cursed star baby left at the doorsteps of the Kingdom, she didn’t feel the slightest bit abandoned like she had when she was a child, no, she was content and that was enough for her. Though she dreaded her repeating life of cleaning and taking care of this Princess! Jupiter was an ordinary girl, with the exception of her lavender eyes, she was all-in-all just another ordinary mortal, though under the skin she was much more, under her soft brown hair which hinted the color red, her light tan skin with a blend of peach, and behind her soft small pink lips …a voice that would sing out over the rest, more than just ‘Yes my Lord’ or ‘Yes my Lady’ she would one day be freed from this repeating circle of events and escape into her own freedom. “Jupiter!” Venus sang while prancing into her bedchambers, Jupiter pulled her gaze from the window quickly and rubbed her rag across the glass.

“Yes my lady?”

“Go fetch my formal gowns, this evening I am going out.”

“Yes my lady.” Jupiter hurried to Venus’s wardrobe where she pulled out an elegant pastel green dress for her mistress to wear, with matching heels, and a pair of her gold earrings, Venus looked the outfit over and then gave a solemn nod.

“You always know the right thing that I should wear when I am going out Jupiter; I hope you never leave me.” Jupiter ground her teeth; she wished she COULD leave her and this dreaded castle.

The irony of the matter was that Venus was to be loosing her precious Jupiter quicker than she would have guessed.

“Lord Mars.” Lord Libra said gravely as the second Lord was escorted into the workroom Lord Mars’s hair was jet black, we wore stain shirts with black over-coats, black pants, and black boots, his eyes were crystal blue but only one eyes was shown for his right eye was covered with his black hair. “On what occasion am I blessed with your visit?” Lord Libra chuckled pulling away from his studies and walking toward Lord Mars.

“Haven’t you felt it yet?” Lord Mars whispered low in his deep voice. “I feel that there is a stronger cursed star among us.” Libra sucked on the inside of his cheek as he took in what Mars had said. “It has gotten stronger as I approached your kingdom, has your daughter shown any signs of possessing the cursed power?”

“No, she doesn’t even have our eyes.” Mars cursed to himself and looked back to his friend.

“You mind me staying here for awhile then? I must investigate it’s just killing me this feeling is …” Mars touched the deep red mark just above his right eyebrow, a staff with two coils at the end of it. “I’ll take the guest bedroom beside Venus’s, the one I usually stay inside.”

“Ah good, then Jupiter won’t have to travel very far.” Mars paused and looked back to Libra.

“Jupiter, A possible new wife for you –dearest Libra?”

“No, no a girl that we found and Venus has grown very fond of, she is my daughter’s lady-in-waiting, she is very good at what she does but always seems so unhappy no matter how cheerful she makes you feel, often gazes out windows … it’s been awhile since she’s been in the sunlight … I should have her go for a walk.” Libra mused with a small smile. Mars rolled his eyes and started down the hall,

Once he had made it to his bedchambers he heard voices in Lady Venus’s bedchambers, he turned to look at the doors with careful interest, knocking upon them the chatter stopped and foot steps hurried to answer him, Venus swung open the door and then grinned.

“Lord Mars!” He had visited her often in her childhood because of how good of friends he was with her father; she hugged him tightly never letting her girlish grin fall from her lips. “What brings you here so unexpectedly?” She wondered aloud she was never subtle when it came to getting answers.

“I got a feeling that I was going to be needed here, is there someone inside with you?” Venus nodded and opened the door, Lord Mars settled his gaze on Jupiter who was across the room smoothing out Venus’s gown. “And who is this?”

“Haven’t you seen her before? Out of all your visits you should have noticed her once.” Mars shook his head while following Venus into the room. “This is Jupiter, she is my lady-in-waiting, Jupiter won’t you greet our guest?” Jupiter glanced up quickly to Lord Mars and turned away from the gown she was smoothing out and bowed to Mars keeping her gaze on the ground.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you My Lord.”

“I believe the pleasure is all mine, dear Jupiter.” Jupiter gave a slight nod then went back to the gown, Mars noticed she really didn’t smile much perhaps she really DID need a day out in the sun.

♥ ----- ♥

When Mars awoke the next morning it was to a knock at his door, when he pulled himself up from his bed he grumbled loudly, “Come in!”

“Yes My Lord.” Jupiter mumbled as she walked into the room with a try of food, he was surprised that she was the one serving him; he had thought that maybe Lord Libra would send him the Chef or someone else of higher power than a lady-in-waiting. “The weather is delightful this evening very warm and very sunny, only few clouds in the sky.” It was as if she were treating him like Venus! Mars thought with a small smirk on his face, her brown hair was pulled back into a messy bun on her head with plenty of strands falling into her face.

“Is the weather good enough to go walking?”

“Walking, swimming, and anything your desire My Lord,” She had already set down the tray filled with his breakfast, now she was pulling open the curtains, as the sunlight hit her body she closed her eyes letting a slight smirk fall upon her lips, she recovered quickly and turned to his closet, pulling out his outfit, it was exactly was he was going to wear that day! Once she was done she turned to leave the room but Mars held out his hand trying to swallow his food quickly.

“Where are you going now?” He managed with still a couple bits of food in his mouth, Jupiter turned back to Mars staring at the ground still.

“I am going to my Lady’s bedchambers.”

“Why did you not serve her first?”

“My Lord Libra requested I serve you first My Lord.” Mars chuckled to himself inwardly, that little sneak, showing off his maids was he? “Is that all you wish to know My Lord?”

“Of Course,” Jupiter turned around and walked out of the room, leaving Mars to chuckle to himself, a very obedient girl indeed.

Member Comments  

Fredericktown, PA
All My Stories
Posted On: January 24, 2010
this is truly a good story! and kinda confusing at the same time! but other than that it is reall really good!


Sharpsburg, GA
All My Stories
Posted On: January 15, 2010
oooooo i like this story! its good!

All My Stories
Posted On: January 15, 2010
I love this story. Great job.

All My Stories
Posted On: January 15, 2010
keep me posted please!

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