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Hi, my name is Cassandra
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Cassy,Where are you?

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Created: 2004-12-28 00:40:42 All stories by
This story is completely fiction,except for the terrorist part.R.I.P to those who died.


That is a picture of Cassandra Hart,3 years ago.I was her best friend,Ellix Wood.I lost her,on September 11th,2001.And this is my story.

It was August and Cassy and I were so excited.At my house,we talked about our her plans.

"I'm flying to New York next month!" Cassandra announced proudly.

"Oh!! Lucky!!" I replied.

"Haha,I know! I had to beg my mom 5 times to at least go.Throw in some tears and you got 3 plane tickets to New York!"Cassandra said."Anyways,I gotta go home.See you!" shouted Cassy as she ran down the sidewalk.

I sighed and muttered to myself,"Why can't those things happen to me?"

I smiled to myself went to sleep.

Next Month.....


My telephone rang and I tripped over book,pillows,and all sorts of messes in my room just to pick it up.

"HELLO? I mean...hello?" I answered nervously.

"Hey! It's Cassy! I'll just let you know,I'm leaving my house now to the airport.See you in 2 weeks!"Cassandra shouted into the phone.

Little did I know that 2 weeks would become much much longer.

"See you! Come back soon!"I laughed.

Three days later

I was lying on the couch,in a comfterble position.I was interupted with an intermission of news.I was surprised because usually in the middle of "Simpsons" there was no news flash.

"News Flash! New York,flight number 462573 and flight number 3829568 had crashed into a sky scraper,caused by an unknown person.This has caused millions to die,in the building and planes." announced the newsperson.

I tried to remember what flight number Cassy was on.

'Hmm..the day she was waving her plane tickets around...flight number 462573!!' I thought in my head quickly.

I then knew that Cassy was dead.My bright green eyes flilled up with clear tears,as two silently fell down my cheeks.I suddenly burst.I couldn't hold my sorrow any longer.I bawled.My mother ran into the room.She saw the TV and knew what had caused me to bawl.

"Oh Ellix...I'm so sorry.." she said to calm me down.She hugged me tightly and stroked my hair.

The next week,they held a special funeral for Cassandra and her family.I just stood there,with big blue tears dripping off my chin and onto my black skirt.I knew that I would never be happy again,without my best friend,Cassandra Hart.

"Cassy,Where are you?" I whispered,with my voice breaking very quickly.

Rest In Peace,Everyone who died on September 11th,2001.

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