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Hi, my name is Happy Again
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BoYz LiE continued again...

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Created: 2005-01-29 10:00:51 All stories by
one of Connor's best friends.I remembered his name only because he was in my science and math class.I told Tyler I didnt wanna talk right now and he ,of course,had to ask why.So I told him what happened and he told me," Connor's to obsessed with Taylor to say no but by next week she'll have dumped him and it'll only be that stupid crush again." Then I said,"And you think Im gonna take him back?" then Tyler said,"Hopefully not..." then the best part of my story happened Tyler leaned over and kissed me!!! This was perfect.I was single and a REALLY hot guy had just kissed me!!! He never told me he'd stay with me for-ever because we realized thats to much of a promise and it cant be garanteed that it'll be kept. We had only gone out a couple weeks when.....

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