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Hi, my name is Kathleen
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Created: 2006-12-08 19:57:09 All stories by
As I walked out of my the palace to see all the people waiting for me I felt the heart drop. Today was my 16th birthday and all royality gets to be "A Women" infront of all of our land. I walked out and and sat down in the trhown that sat a ledge up from everyone to tell them I was boss. On the bottom was the pesants. Middle level the people who had money. The third all my royality. The fourth to me to show it was all about me. When I saw the Priest come over to presant the "Women" inside me I was afraid. I stood up and everyone cheered. Then I raised my left hand to show everyone I was ready for my "Women" to come in. The priest grabbed his cane and touched my shoulders with the silver bottom. I shivered and stood up and lifted both hands to show I was a women. Which at the instant I knew, I was to bride.

I walked down the hall way after the ceremony for our dinner where papa and mama would give me a present. I sat down at the throne at the top of the table. The table held about 40 people. Soon chefs brought out all sorts of foods chicken, steak, salad, turkey, fruits and stuffing and so much more. Then they brought out little glasses and Champagne. The chefs poured me first then my parents, friends, guest and the little people. My father and mother raised their glasses and stood up.

"Kathleen you are not a little girl anymore. So we have two gifts." My mother said.

"Yes two that will pay off later in your life." My father said knudging.

"First you get to learn to speak and write like you always wanted." I ran over and hugged my parents.

"But thats not all." They grabbed my shoulders and turned me.

"Your are marrying Lord Hensen." A tall, broad shouldered man came over.

"I will lavish you with riches beyond imagained." He kissed my hand.

"Lord Hensen I will take your hand in marrage." Then everyone clapped as I walked out of the room.

I sat on the balconey starring at the stars and wondering how they got so lucky to choose who they love. Lord Hensen was to formal. Then at that instant he walked out.

"You know I love the stars. Everyone for it's own self."

"Indeed I'm sure you do."

"Listen Kathleen, marry me we don't have to like each other just share wealth."

"Indeed Lord Hensen, good evening." I walked away and fixed my skirt.

The next morning I slept in my bed when the maid Isabel came in to awaken me.

"Wake up madamn Kathleen you have litterature hour." She opened the curtains,

"Beautiful morning." She said undressing me.

"So I have litterauture till when Isablel?" I said yawning.

"11 am madamn now please get dressed." Isabel took my night gown and shut the door.

I sat there in my undergarmets sitting on my windowseal.

"Kathleen your late now put on your gown." My father said with anger.

"Yes father."

"Good morning, sorry your going to be late though, breakfeast in the dinning corpse."

"Indeed, privacy please father."

"As you wish." I went to my wardrob and choose a very exspensive hand sewn dress. Maybe my life could turn around.


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