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Hi, my name is Raven
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Behind Hidden Doors -1-

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By BloodySunday Send DollMail
Created: 2008-06-08 14:03:50 All stories by BloodySunday
I sighed, "Mom, I don't want to move to some old run-down house." I argued.

"Its not a run down house. Besides, its in Uncle Monte's will. We must respect his final wishes." Mom said.

Why respect his final wishes? He molested children younger than seven. And you want me to respect him. Yeah when pigs fly, I thought. The whole problem was that my mom recently filed for divorce because dad was cheating on mom with Ms. Kingston next door. And she decides to move away with this whole "respect Uncle Monte's final wishes" excuse in order to get a lousy house.

"You'll love it!" Mom insisted. I turned away in disgust. Mom doesn't care about what I need. She wants to home school me. Move me away from my friends. Never say goodbye to dad. And you know what else? Mom is still pregnant with dad's kid. We found out only months ago, while dad was cheating on mom. She's been talking about getting an abortion lately, but its strictly against our 'religion.' Mom thinks I believe in god, but I think he is just a story.

I just tell her to put it up for adoption, but she always says no. She says she wants to get to know the baby, but yet she talks about abortion. Mother is very confusing at times. Maybe its a pregnancy symptoms or something. I dont know. Right now, all I know is that I dont want to move. And thats final. I walked into the living room, everything was being packed in boxes. Mom's china cabinet was empty, and the small chinas was packed neatly with newspapers into a big box.

I sure was going to miss this place. I climbed the stairs leading to the second floor. I stopped about midway to look at old family photos that still lingered on the wall. There was a picture of me, about four years old, and my dad. We went fishing and I caught a fish. I looked at another one, it was Mom & Dad, before dad cheated. They were smiling into the camera, with Dad kissing moms cheek. We was such a happy family back then. Why destroy it now?

In my room, I seen that mom had already brought up boxes and old newspapers for me to start packing. Mom's serious about this, I realized. I thought this was all going to be a crazy idea, and she'll never complete it. But this time, she determined to go all the way. Theres no chance of changing her mind, I thought. I ran my fingers down my long red hair. A tear cried to fall, but I just swiped it away. I knelt down and opened up the desk drawers and started throwing old junk away. I found an old opened back of chips from a long, long time ago.

I threw away almost everything in the drawers, only stopping to wipe a tear, or to get a drink of water. All of the stuff I wanted to keep, I wrapped it up in a newspaper and carefully set it down in the box. I did this process over and over to the other drawers, closets, and dressers until there was only furniture left. I lived in this house my whole life, only to let it go because of mom and dad.

I mean, it wasn't entirely their fault. Well, yes it was. Mom was as much to blame as dad. Mom always was attracted to other men, sometimes she would go out on little dates, but not hit third base. Dad on the other hand, he dates, and had sex with other women. So, I don't clearly see why mom is so mad at dad, like it was totally his fault. But I think dad knew of moms "girls night outs".

Two heavy-set men came into my room and started taking my bed apart, and carrying it downstairs. They did this so all of my furniture until the room was completely empty. I sat in the center of the room. Where my old flowered rug had been, thats been there since I was eight. But I guess mom is right. We have to move on. Even though I don't like it. Perhaps I'm being over dramatic. Maybe the place wasn't as bad as I thought.

But thats where I was wrong.

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