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Hi, my name is beverly
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Because you live

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Created: 2005-06-13 17:39:29 All stories by
Beverly was 18,she had three friends kiley kara and angelea.Andgela was her best friend.Beverly walked down the school hall ecited cuz school was out.She saw angela and kiley and kara.they hugged.Beverly said,"I'm going to miss you!!!I hope I have a blast at my cousins house." Angela said,"maybe all of us can get together before you leave." Beverly nodded.Beverly said goodbye to her friends and went home.She got on msn ate dinner and watched a movie and then went to bed.The next morning Beverly got a phone call from Kiley.Kiley said,"Wnat to go to the mall with me tonight at 8'o clock?" Beverly asked,"Sure,are Angela and Kara going?" Kiley said,"No,they said they had plans on seeing a movie." Beverly said bye to kiley and hung up the phone.IT was finally night time.Beverly saw Kileys porsh pull up.Beverly grabbed her purse and ran outside and got into kileys porsh.Beverly said,"Maybe I can find some clothes for my vacation next week!" Kiley smiled and said sure.Beverly found a white tanktop a hot pink mini skirt and white flip flops.Kiley got Old Navy shorts and a cute spagetti strap.Beverly decided to stay the night at kileys.They went to kileys house and in the driveway were kileys mom and dad crying.Beverly was confused.She thought,"Whats wrong?Why are they crying?"

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