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Hi, my name is numi
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Beautiful maid (the first day)

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Created: 2004-12-19 20:35:52 All stories by
Beautiful Maid

one day i was sitting on my bench sleeping. A horse and carriage rode up and yelled "this is a good one sir." he dragged my off and i was still sleeping. The time i woke up I was in a maid dress and in a poorly prepared room.

"HELP!" I yelled and a oddly dressed woman came in and threw me over her shoulder. "You will clean toilets and like it" she carried me off into the bath chamber and gave me a brush."CLEEN!" I put my hands to my face and cried "I where am i?" she sat next to me and said quietly "you mean they just dragged you off with no warning?" "yes and i don't know where i am"

she said "well make the best of it and do your work" I cleaned the toilets and floors. ~10 0 pm~ "sigh im finally done" she plopped down on her bed and slepted."zzzzzz!" BOOM!!! a big noise opened the door "get up!" she awoke and saw a big man with a shiny crown on his head.

"uuuhhh....sir"-she said in a weak voice-"i did all my work but if you please sir let me get some sle-" "NO get up and serve dinner!" he dragged her down and threw her in the kitchen....she tried to get her balance but she fell anyway "sir what should i make?" she tied the apron around her. "anything!" she smiled a very sneaky smile "ok"~20 min later~ she came out with a silver plate and a beautiful smile. "sirs this is what you wanted?" "yes yes come, come” she put the plate down and sat still with the smile. he opened the top of the plate and bugs went flying everywhere. "ahhhhhh!" she got up and walked to her room still with the beautiful smile set upon her face. ~the end~

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