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Hi, my name is Roxy
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Andrew and Sarah

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Created: 2005-08-03 13:02:12 All stories by
3 years ago on August 5th, a couple were driving home from a music concert of there neices.

The couple were called Andrew and Sarah.

It was a busy night and there was a thunderstorm so they decided to stay of the motorway and go home through the twisty country lanes.

The lanes were very narrow and twisted and curved alot.

Halfway home the storm started to get worse so Andrew decied that they should stop of at the next pub as he knew they could stay there the night. About 2 miles away from the pub a lorry full of bread came hurtling round the corner and hit them.

The car was terribly damaged and Sarah had part of the car door stuck in her leg. Andrew was unconcious.

The lorry driver got out of his car and and ran away from the accident. He didnt care how the people ion the car were he just wanted to get away from the scene- he could go to prison for this.

About 5 minutes later as he was running away he heard an allmighty bang and flames coming from the scene of the accident.

He decided he had to go back and see how hurt everyone was.

When he arrived he saw that another car had hit Andrew and Sarahs and had caught on fire. The owner of the other car had managed to get out before the car was in flames.

He called an ambulance, the fire brigade and the police.

15 minutes later they arrived.

The lorry driver was arrested.

The person in the other car taken to hospital and Sarah had to have her leg amputated on the scene as the car door had severly cut into a main blood vessel.

As for Andrew- he was announced dead at the scene.

Sarah later died in hospital after giving this statement to the police. She was three months pregnant.

It was later discovered that the driver of the lorry had been to the very pub where Andrew and Sarah had been heading. He had been drinking and this had made his vision blurry and he had had slow reaction times.

If he had not had a drink Andrew, Sarah and there unborn baby would be alive today.

I was Andrews neice.

It was my concert they had been to and even though I know it was the lorry drivers fault i still feel responsible.

If i hadnt had my concert on that day and if that storm hadnt hit my uncle and aunt would still be alive.

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Noble, OH
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Posted On: July 23, 2012

Anaheim, CA
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Posted On: November 19, 2011
thats sad. im so sorry for your uncle and aunt

United Kingdom
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Posted On: April 12, 2006
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