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Hi, my name is Ginger
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Among the Forgotten

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By kittykat111 Send DollMailSend EmailVisit WebsiteAIMYIM
Created: 2006-09-02 10:10:03 All stories by kittykat111
This is a story, for all of the dolls, who where once our best friends, but

now are forgotten.

There once was a teen named Leana.She was walking along the path around her block, when she suddenly heard a gunshot.She ran to where she heard it coming from.What she found was an unbelieviblly beautiful castle.It was pink with all kinds of art and designs on it.She looked at a large golden plate on the castle that said "Welcome to The Doll Palace, Where cartoon dolls live."She had a wierd expression on her face."I dont like dolls anymore, they're for babies!" But she gave into her temptation to see insode of this beautiful Palace of wonders.She slowly opened the door and peeked in.What she saw seemed to look like a main lobby of the palace.She walked up to a goth doll who was sitting at the front desk.The goth was chewing gum and reading a magazine with a dangerously bored look on her face."Umm, I was just walking and I-" "Go into the elevator on the left."The doll said as she pointed to the hallway but of corse she did'nt lift an eye off of her magazine.She walked over to the hall looking at the pictures of some girl with the name Jessica.She looked at the two elevators.The elevator on the left said "Visitors" and the one on the right said "Users".She stepped into the one on the left.There were tons of buttons."Let's see here,Avatar chat,shUni dollmaker,New dolls,Friends,whats this?Vault?"She pressed the button and the elevator went down to the very bottom level.Suddenly everything was dark and she heard another gunshot.A screen came up and said "Name please"She said "uhhh..Leana."the screen went away and the doors to the elevator opened up.In front of her were 3 doors with chains on them.Everything was bricks and she could see blood leeking out from the first door.The first door said "5 years" the second said "Going to the 1st room" and the third door said "Waiting room"She peeked through the cracks in the first door and she couldnt believe what she saw.Blood and guts.Everywhere.Then she saw a man with a gun.He pointed it to another dolls head.(I think you know what happens next.So i'll skip the terror)Leana backed up almost losing her breakfast in horror.She backed into a maid doll.The doll said "You should'nt be in here if you can't bear to see the forgotten."Leana lifted her eyebrow "The forgotten?" "The dolls who used to sit upon a shelf in a little girls room.Then they were forgotten as the little girl turns into a teen who is'nt into dolls anymore.PFFFFT!Here in the doll palace, we believe that no girl outgrows dolls.But here we are in the Vault of dolls that were forgotten." Leana felt sorry for the dolls."If the dolls are forgotten for 5 years, then there is no other way to get rid of them, but to kill them."Leana looked at the maid with teary eyes and said "That's terrible!But...Why are there windows in these two doors?" "Well ,these are the dolls that are about to be murdered.And these are the dolls that still have a chance."The maid said as she pointed to the 2nd and 3rd door."If i were you I would give one a chance."Leana opened the 2nd door .A tiny doll walked up to her and stared at her with teary eyes and shivering legs.Leana looked down at her and then picked her up.The doll was crying now."Do you remember me Leana?" "I'm sorry but i don't." "I'm Ginger.I used to be your favorite doll when you were 6.I used to have long, curly, brown hair.My dress was a beautiful white with a tint of gold.I had gold shoes but you lost them.You cut off my hair.You cut off most of my beautiful dress.Now I'm dusty and my hair faded to an ugly greyish black.I remember the day you bought me.I was waiting on the shelf at Target.You passed by with your mom and said[Mommy!I want THAT dolly] you both turned around and your mom picked me off of the shelf.I loved that feeling of joy and happiness when you unwrapped me at home.You told me all of your secrets.I was too special to play with the other dolls that your friends brought over.I cant believe im here." "I do'nt know what to say.I guess I'll take you back." "You can't" "Why not?" "Because I'm over 5 years old without you.I'm going to the....the....1st room."An ugly doll dragged Mona into the room . Leana stood in shock as she heard the shot.And saw a splat of blood.


Leana woke up with a scream and a jolt falling out of her bed.(THUD)

"Oh, thank god it was only a dream!"Leana ran downstairs and got a shoebox off of the storage room shelf.She opened the box to see a doll with long, curly, brown hair.Her dress was a beautiful white with a tint of gold.She had gold shoes.She took her up to her room and sat on her bed."You'll never be a forgotten doll."

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Owatonna, MN
All My Stories
Posted On: September 2, 2006
This is my story.Its kinda hostel, but its soooooo interesting!!PLEASE read it.Ive always wanted to be a premium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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