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Hi, my name is Ginger
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A love umknown

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By Ginger_Snap93 Send DollMail
Created: 2006-11-13 15:36:05 All stories by Ginger_Snap93
Once upon a time there was a princess she was sweet and kind. She was okay looking with dark blond hair and gray blue eyes. But her life was terrible. Although she was the princess of the doll palace her parents did not care for her. They spent there time yelling and screaming at her. They even went so far as to make sure that the entire staff of the doll palace never spoke to or served her. She lived in a place where almost nobody new her name and those who did not really like her. Her only friend was her cat Olive. The poor princess went on living her horrible life for a long time because there was nothing she could do. Now the princesses mother absolutely hated her daughter because all she ever wanted was to please her husband with a son. So the evil woman decided to make the princesses life even more miserable by giving her impossible tasks and every time the princess came home to the doll palace empty handed her parents screamed at her even more than they normally did. The princess being very smart after many tries completed her impossible task. Now when the queen herd this she was furious so she then gave the poor princess two more impossible tasks even harder than the first. The princess could not do this because the tasks them self’s were hard enough but on top of that school was starting and that meant she would only have a little time each day to complete her task. So the princess went to school where she had no friends (unless you count the fake friends who’s who only liked her because her parents where the king and queen of the doll palace.).But when the princess went to school she noticed that there was a boy in some of her classes an after a while she found herself in love the handsome boy. But she knew nothing would ever come of it because he probably didn't know she was a live. The longer she did nothing the more she loved him. And one day while she was walking home from school(because her parents would not let her get a ride home.)the boy called her name. She had never heard anybody call her name before so she just stood there. The boy came over to her and asked her if she wanted to go for a walk with him later. The princess thought this might be a trick to get close to her parents so when she said no he looked very hurt. The princess saw in his eyes that this was no trick and changed her mind. The boys face filled with happiness and said for her to meet him at the edge of the forest at 7o'clock. The princess ran home to the doll palace. When she got there tried to sneak up to her room to avoid being screamed at but was caught by one of the maids. By the time her parents were done yelling at her it was 7o'clock. So The princess told her parents that she was going to work on her task but instead went to the forest to meet the boy. When the boy saw the princess coming toward him a huge grin spread across his face because he had just given up hope on her coming. They went for a walk in the woods. The princess felt like she could walk forever next to the boy he was so handsome and charming but soon the walk came to an end. As the princess was about to leave the boy asked her if she wanted to do this again tomorrow night. The princess quickly said yes. So the next night they went or another walk. Soon after a couple more nights of walking together they became close friends. The princess despite coming home to a horrible family every day she was much happier having a real friend although inside she wished they could be much more than friends. Now the queen noticed this sudden happiness and wanted to put an end to it. So she sent on of the maids out to fallow the princess. When the queen found out that the princess had made a friend she had the princess whipped and locked in the dungeon. Now when the princess did not show up that night the boy got worried. He had herd about the princess evil parents went to the doll palace to find her. When he got there the guards would not let him in they said that the princess was to be kept in the dungeon forever. The boy had to fight his way through the guards to get inside. When he got inside he fought more guards to get to the dungeon. Once there he stole the key from the guard in charge and went to the princesses cell. When he turned the corner he came face to face with the queen and there held by her hair was the princess. Your to late! Cackled the queen. The queen pulled the princess close to her ,there was a puff of smoke, the princess screamed I love you and they were gone. The boy ran to the highest tower in the doll palace. When he got there the princess was bound to a chair and as soon as she saw him she started to tell him it was a trap but the queen hit her and she went unconscious. The boy fought the queen and won.

He ran to the princess and shook her when she woke up he gave her a long passionate kiss. The boy took the princess far away from her evil father to a small village in a neighboring kingdom. They were married and had 2 children. But most of all they lived happily ever after.

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Dayton, OH
All My Stories
Posted On: September 11, 2006
I hope u all like my story pleez vote
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