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Hi, my name is Lebelle
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A french tale, The complete version all seven chap

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By baby_doll_face45 Send DollMail
Created: 2007-04-01 08:29:05 All stories by baby_doll_face45
Chapter 1 A french tale

Lebelle lived in the castle with the king and Queen. The king felt strongly for his daughter so at 18, he sent her off to marry a young Prince named Marqua. Although Lebelle didn't love or know him she obdiently went in the carrige to go to him. He lived all the way on th eother side of france so it would take about three mothns by carrige.

Lebelle was filled with sorrow at the sight of being married to someone she does not know nor does she love him. For she fell in love with a young man of 20. his name was Ephla. He was a Black smith for the kings army. The king felt strongly for him as well so he sent Ephla to watch over Lebelle. the princess told to stop the carrige one day and for the men to find camp. All but Ephla. " Ephla, She said,'' Please kiss me."

" Lebelle, I can't, for you are to be married to Prince Marqua. And your father would be very dipleased and mabye even exicute me.'' Ephla let his head hang in sorrow.

Lebelle put her soft hand on his chin and looked at him. " Do not be ashamed of anything. It is me to be sad and displeased not vou." at that moment she saw shadows and the carrige door, When Ephla leaned in for the kiss, She heard somthing in another lauguage. She put her hand on his lips, and leaned down. She felt his rough hands and lept for a tight embrass and the door flung open. Just then Ephla screamed in pain. he fell next to Lebelle with a dagger in his back. She looked up in horror. A single tear fell down and stayed opon her cheek. The man looked and lipped her. He grabbed her arm and she quickly felt Ephla's back. He was dead.

" let me put this in words you can understand," Said the man." I killed your love. I am going to torture you and then kill you too. So be ready for hell."

Lebelle screamed and the man slapped her. She flew out of his grasp and hit the groung with a loud thump. She felt her face. It had blood on it. She new she was going to die.

Chapter 2 A capturing

Lebelle was tortured for many mothns now. She Had been so frightend by her new master that she was forced to become a blond. She was also forced to marry him and was put into a dress that went so low,that everybody could see her features. She felt like she was a puppet. A marient. She was wearing a light pink dress with light pink shoes and a light pink hat to go over her new silvery wight hair. She had turned even more pale than before.

Lebelle would dream about her love and how he had been killed while the the making of her new husband. Oh how she wished to be in her own bed and turn over and see Ephla lying beside her. " Oh how I wish to kiss my beloveds face. His dark curly hair. His large, muscular hands. And his love for me and his country. His people. His family."

But she new that he would never come and resque her. For he is all that she lived for. Her night sky. One night, they were lying side by side, and he kissed her cheek and asked, "Lebelle, Will you marry me?" She was stunned by the question but thier love was to strong to say no. " Yes, yes I will."

Lying in her bed. Aside her, the man she feard the most. She cryed silently.

Chapter 3 A party

" Quickly Miss. Lebelle, you must get this on before the party starts!" The maid was tuffiting around getting Lebelle's hat on her new frightend white hair.

" Miss Lebelle, Please," The maid was pleading now, " please put the dress on, It looks quite lovely and the master will be very displeased with you."

Lebelle did not want to go to the party but she had to because that maid was the only friend she had. " Please tell me Gurtrued, why do " I " have to go to the party? I am nothing but a wench. Other than his what, 12 other wives? I am no other but one of them now. There is no hope for me." Lebelle looked at her from the wooden box she was standing on to get her dress fitted.

" Oh Lebelle, your just being stubborn, thats all." Gurtrued said, while pulling the dress down over Lebelle's head.

" BUT YOU WERE HIS WIFE TO!" Lebelle yelled at her. " I am sorry, I... I didn't mean that. It's just that," Lebelle was starting to cry now, " My love was killed by him." Lebelle sobbed and after the dress was fitted she ran out of the room.

Gurtrued was holding the felt sizors. She looked down at her shaky, old hands and said, " Yes I was, but I was punished to serve him for helping one of his wives."

Gurtrued looked at the sizors again, she raised them as high as she could. Then, she swung down and...

Chapter 4 A dying Bread

Lebelle Looked at the scene. Blood was everywhere. The police were cleaning everything up. Lebelle walked over and wrapped her arms around one of them and kissed him. She was almost done when her master walked in with another women and found Lebelle kissing him. He flew into a rage. He grabbed her from him and threw her to the ground. She scrambled, trying to get up but he didn't let her. " WHY!" He boomed down at her as the policemen ran from the room." Why are you such a little weasle?" He spat on the ground at her feet. "You evil little thing!"

He kicked her and blood spirted from her mouth. She wipped it away from her lips and said very softly, almost like a whisper," I am a dying bread. A ghost, a phantom to you. You fear me and I fear you. Nor Do I love you, I hate you you Brute! As I lay here on the hearth, I wish you good ridence for all will go bad, Now lay here and die die die."

Lebelle was hit kicked and spat opon. She was inally left alone. A bleeding plup on the ground, She felt like a raw peice of meat thrown to the ground for hungry dogs to feed opon. She finaly felt that she needed to die or run, run as fast as she can.

Chapter 5 A Finding

Lebelle ran out of there as fast as she could, crying about what has happend." My only friend has killed herself and my only love is dead." She cryed out. " What will become of me?"

She ran into a forest of trees and mud. Getting herself wet from the rain. Lebelle herd the siren go off and someone yelling " FIND HER FIND HER!" in French.

Lebelle lept into i ditch as she herd the carriges coming and going over the ditch. Lebelle Jumped up and ran to the nearest tree. Sopping wet and crying, she sat down, put her hands in her lap, and fell asleep.

The sun was out and Lebelle was skipping in a field of flowers. She was singing a lalaby. Her hair was dark and black. She was wearing a purple dress and then she started running. She ducked down and crawled into a small hole. It was light though. She saw a man standing there and calling her name. It was Ephla! " Ephla! Ephla! Come to me! Come to me! Let us meet!" She fell into his arms. She tried to kiss him but when she did, Her lips touched only water. When she tried to toush his curly brown hair, but she touched only water. " What love is more cruel than this?"

She was awaken by a man. His eyes were copper brown. His hair was light blond. It was her prince. "Are you okay?"

He was stunned by how beaten she was. She tried getting up to stand at his level, but she could not. She looked down at her legs and found that they were black from her beatings. " Come and let me help you," he said.

Chapter 6 A wedding

Lebelle sat on the stool next to her bed. A bottle of whisky in her hands. She listend to all the people out there." All the people are there for me?" She asked herself quietly.

Her hands were shaking. She took another swig. Her head felt dissy. She pushed her long braid back. Her skin was lighting up. Her hair had taken it's regular color. Brown. She did not want to get married. Although her Prince was nice, handsome, and lovley, she did not love him. Although "He" loved "Her". She threw the bottle across the room. It smashed with a loud crack. The noises suddenly stopped. Lebelle looked up. Her vision was blured but she new something was wrong. She got up and opend the door. Nobody there. " What is going on here? Were is everyone?" She thought. " HELLO?" she yelled.

Lebelle crossed the room to the parllor and herd movement. She slowly opend the door. Then suddenly there was a flash of light and Lebelle hit the ground with a loud thud. A young man standing over her she found it was Ephla. " Ephla?" Lebelle twiched and then vomited all over the ground. But she vomited blood. She got it all over her dress. Then her prince turned her over and said to her softly," Are you all right Lebelle? And, who is Ephla?"

Lebelle jumpped and ripped off her dress. She through it on the ground. All that was left was a torn and ragged maid under gown. She then ran from the castle and into the forest.

Chapter 7 A Death

Lebelle ran into a tree and fell to the ground. It was to see. She grabbed up her tiara and placed it gracefully on her head. She walked like she was getting married down a isal. " Oh, mother, father, how nice to see you. Yes I am doing very fine. Thank you for comming."

Her hair had turned back to white and she was very pale. She then found an old dager and cut her hair. She ripped at her tights and made them nets. Her dress was so wet it turned yellowish brown. She found a cave to stay in. Taking her time, she layed on a rock.

She was kissing him, holding his hand. She looked up and stroked his chin. " Ephla, I love you, please, please forgive me. I love you so much. Lets run away. Run far away from here. Never return."

Lebelle was getting thrown opon the floor. Blood splatterd on the ground. Being spat opon. Kicked and slapped. Her leg was light on fire by one of the whenches he was using for love.

She opend her eyes. The cave was bright. Water was dripping fom the ceiling of the cave. But to her, it was Ephla's blood dripping on her face. His face opened and collasped on her. She screamed.

A few hours later Lebelle dies in that cave. Her body was found by Merquas. He says he found her still talking to herself but not moving. Her lips were moving as if someone was leaning over to her. An amazing thing happend then, he said, She lifted her hands and said very loudly Ephla. Then, her hands fell and she died right there in my hands.


This story was written by Emily

Member Comments  

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Posted On: June 22, 2007
nice. But scissors? that's harsh. And the way she died in the end was awfully sad. Did she meet with Ephla when she died?

I like the line about "she walked like she was getting married down an aisle."

Staten Island, NY
All My Stories
Posted On: April 1, 2007
thats a great story!!!


All My Stories
Posted On: April 1, 2007
feel free to comment and rate this

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