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Hi, my name is Ruby
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A Love to Die

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Created: 2004-12-31 16:52:01 All stories by

This story is about two people-Ryan and Ruby. Throughout elementary school and middle school-they are inseperable. But then when they reach high-school, they become divided. Ryan would rather hang out with Ruby's friend-then with Ruby herself. Ruby is sad about it, but shows no feeling. Instead she 'ditches' him to go hang out with the football players where she thinks she finds true love. What she doesn't know is that true love found her-long ago.


"So Rube-do you want to meet at the cafe?" Ruby's boyfriend, James asked. She replied through her cellphone-"Sure-see you there!" She hung up and then started walking towards the cafe. She could see James heading there too-and if she looked closely she could see her ex-best friend, Ryan, hanging out with Ruby's other ex-friend. She waved to James and then ran into his open arms. She kissed him gently before he let her go. They walked up to the counter and ordered two lattes. Ruby could see out of the corner of her eye that Ryan was checking her and James out. She smiled to herself as she put an arm around Jame's shoulders.

They sat down and drank their lattes. When they were done-they departed, but not before one last kiss. They promised to meet at Jame's house that night.


Ruby knocked on Jame's door. He opened it and let her in. They sat down on a couch together and started watching a movie. By the middle of the movie-James had raped Ruby, and now had her bound and gagged in his room. Ruby was shaken-this wasn't the James she was used to. "So-you didn't realize my true colors-did you Rube?" James asked as he gently touched her shoulder. She shook him off-but then James got a knife out. "Do as I tell you!" he commanded. He put the knife down as he said, "Never look at or talk to the Ryan dude-okay?" She nodded yes-but her answer was a lie. She waited patiently until James went downstairs for a drink. She quickly untied the rope on her wrists-then took the gag out. She used her cellphone to dial Ryan's number.


Ryan: Hello?

Ruby: Ryan-James, he raped me. And bound and gagged me! Ryan-I'm scared!

Ryan: Serves you right.

Ruby: What?? What did I do?

Ryan: Don't think I didn't see you at the cafe!

Ruby: I'm sorry! Okay. Just please-help me.

Ryan: Fine. I'll meet you at the end of his street-okay? Just run.

Ruby: Okay-Ryan I-

Ryan had hung up. He was speeding in his car-until that moment he had never realized how much he loved Ruby. He saw a figure at the end of Jame's road-but thought that it was a stop sign. But instead it was a frightened Ruby. He hit her and she fell to the ground and fainted. He got out of the car and picked her up. He put her in the back of his car-on the seats. Ryan got back in his car and rushed to the hospital-where Ruby was admitted into the ER-in critical condition.


What will happen to Ruby? Wait for Part Two!

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