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Hi, my name is Noelle
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A Love Stronger than Time

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By felishialmoon Send DollMail
Created: 2012-12-21 23:02:15 All stories by felishialmoon
The darkness thickened and devoured the rest of the room around her. Her throat tightened and her breath became shorter. Whatever was creeping into the room was not normal; nor was it nice. This was her first dark encounter. All the rest of her dreams had been different. The beings in the other dreams were full of light and warmth. She had no feeling of fear or dread when they came to her. She WANTED to help them. She really did, but she didn't know how.

This encounter made her feel as if the darkness wanted her or something within her. She shrunk to the ground. She had no clue where she was and had no clue how she had got there, but she was terrified and she wanted it all to cease. She closed her eyes and screamed at the being. She told it to leave her alone; to go back to where it had come from.

After yelling until her voice was hoarse, she remained in a crouch for what seemed like hours with her eyes closed. A million different things were going through her mind. She didn't know what the darkness wanted with her. She wanted to go home and get away from where ever she was. She just wanted to open her eyes and be in her own bed.

She slowly opened her right eye and peered upwards. Nothing. She was sitting in her bed, under her sage green covers and sheets. She was in her bedroom and the dark being was gone. She breathed a sigh of relief and fell back onto her pillows.

As she lay there she made a promise to herself. She had to either do research on her "issues" or find somebody that could help. She could not deal with another experience like that. She had to be ready when evil lurked, but most of all, she needed to control what happened to her.

Noelle felt like she was losing control of her own life and her dreams.

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