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Hi, my name is Kaina
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A Late Start, A Good Go

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By catlover02 Send DollMailVisit Website
Created: 2006-09-12 21:28:44 All stories by catlover02
I barley went outside. I was always in the bakery, helping my dad. I never had time to go outside. All I did was work in the bakery. To tell you the truth, I was pretty bored. I started to get tired of cooking and baking, baking and cooking. I thought that my life would never change. Every time something happened in town, and everybody went running, I wanted to go, too. But I never could. I never had anything of my own. I shared my bed, my toys, and sometimes my clothes. Not that I had much of those, anyway. I still wanted to have something of my own, though. How I wished for a big changed in my life.

One day, my sister went out to see what the price for bread was. I really wanted to go, too, but I had to stay and work. About two days later, my sister ran in, saying that the Kingston Baker was in town. The Kingston Baker, or Lysy to most people, was a bread buyer. Everybody liked her, and she was nice to all. When Lysy walked into our bakery, I ran up and greeted her. I offered to take her coat, and she took the coat off and thanked me. After she walked around the store and bought ten loaves of bread and two cakes, she came over to me. I went to get her coat, but she stopped me. She asked me to walk wih her outside, and I accepted. I always took any change I could do go outside. Lysy walked with me to the park, and then to the creek. She asked me what I enjoyed in life, and I said all I did was work in the bakery. She looked at me carefully, realized that I wasn't kidding, and said some words I couldn't understand: Hee-Mah, Tee-Mah, Cal-Nah, Wa-Ha, An-Ka, Onta-Keeka, Whom! At that second, I felt myself lift into the air.

When I landed, I was still at the creek in the park, but Lysy was gone. I looked down at my clothes, and how suprised I was! Instead of my flour-covered shirt and skirt, I was wearing a red dress that was completley clean. I was wearing boots insted of moccasins, and my hair fell down my back, freely. I ran to the bakery, but it was a Grocery store. I ran to my house, and, luckily, my family still lived there. When I walked in, I was suprised to see a real bed where my cot used to be. Next to it was some sort of contraption. I pushed a button, and WHAM!, a sudden light filled the screen. I looked closely, and it said, "Welcome to The Doll Palace." I clicked around, and found a doll maker, and realized that my new life had begun, thanks to Lysy.

An Original Story by Catlover02

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