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Hi, my name is few o Missa's dolls
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A Kingdom Of Magic

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By tkd123 Send DollMail
Created: 2006-08-29 11:18:05 All stories by tkd123
In a time before your greatest of great grandparents were born there was a kingdom. A kingdom of magic and mystery, where the most wonderful things happened. Animals spoke, trees moved themselves about, and magicians constantly were making mischief.

In a shadowed grove just inside The Big Wood an old lady lived. She lived alone. Or so everyone thought. For she in fact did not live alone. She had her dolls. There were hundreds upon hundreds of them. They covered the walls, all sitting on small shelves. The old woman loved her dolls dearly, so much that she had named all of them. There was one in a golden gown named Trixie, anther with wings named Lexi, and.... well, I could go on and on, but only one doll will be spoken of in this story. Her name is Megara. (she is the one in the magenta dress with the dirty blond hair) The old lady (her name is Missa) loved this doll the most. Missa carried her about in her pocket.

One day when Missa was walking through the wood gathering berries a magician popped up in front of her. "Old lady! Let me help you." Missa was carrying a heavy basket full of the ripe berries, "I need no help from you, magician." she shook her head and turned away. The magician stood in front of her again, "Lady, let me help you." Megara came out of her pocket. Missa gasped, "No! No, give her back!" The magician smiled and took a necklace from his robe, as he draped the cord about the neck of the doll she began to move. She grew, until she was nearly as tall as the magician. She blinked and inhaled a deep breath. "O' I am so stiff." she moaned. Missa just stood there astounded. The doll, now girl then noticed that the old lady that had carried her about in her pocket stood just in front of her. "Well? What am I supposed to do?" The magician rested his hand upon Megara's arm, "Dear girl, take the basket. It is too heavy for your mother." She took the basket, "Now what?" Missa came out of her stupor, "Why, thank you, magician!" He laughed a merry little laugh and was gone. "Mother? What am I to do now?" Missa smiled, "We go home. Follow me." They made their way back to the cottage.

Once in the cottage Megara began to cry. "My daughter, why do you cry?" "For my friends sit stiff on the many shelves. And there in nothing I can do to free them." Missa held Megara and let her cry. After awhile the tears stopped. "Mother, I am hungry." Missa nodded her head, "I will heat the porridge. Can you get the bread from the pantry?" Megara retrieved the bread and sat down at the small table. Missa then brought two bowls of the porridge. They ate till they were full. Megara cleared the table. By then the sky was dark. It was time for bed. "Meg, take this blanket and lay there by the fire." Megara lay down and was asleep as soon as her head hit the floor. Missa sat for some time marveling over the girl. What a marvelous gift she had been given.

The next morning when Missa awoke she could not find Megara anywhere. When she went outside she saw her sitting on a swing. It had not been there before. Missa approached Meg, “Where did that come from?” “This?” she pumped her legs and swung higher, “I made it of course.” Missa dismissed this, after all it was just a simple swing. “You should have woken me to tell me you were going out.” Meg bowed her head, “I’m sorry, mother. I did not want to bother you.” Missa sighed, “It’s fine. But, next time tell me.” Meg looked up and smiled, “Yes. I will be sure to tell you next time.” Then she began to swing again. “Come in soon, so that we may eat breakfast.” Missa went back inside.

Megara swung for a moment more then jumped off. She ran around the cottage, then inside. “Let me help, mother.” Meg took over the cooking. She mixed flour with some milk, and that with some oats. And to that she added some of the fresh berries. She put it in a pan and sat on the hot coals of the fire. After awhile a sweet smell came from the pan. Meg announced that it was done and pulled it from the fire. After it cooled for some time she dished it out into the bowls. Missa took a spoonful, blew on it, ate it. “O’ my this is wonderful.” She exclaimed. Meg smiled began to eat. Once done Meg cleared the table. “May I go outside, mother?” Missa nodded her head and Meg skipped out the door.



“Faster, Shadow! He’s getting away!” a young man yelled to his horse. The horse picked up pace, “O’ we’ll catch him.” They were chasing after a stag, and it was moving fast. All of a sudden the stag stopped. It turned back to face them, then turned into a man. The man was the magician that had made Megara real. He laughed, “You gave a good chase, your highness.” The young man got red in the face, “I could have you put to death for annoying me.” The magician laughed again, “You will not want to do that. Once you see why I have brought you here.” He pointed to a small clearing. Where Missa’s cottage stood. “There is something that might interest you there.” And with that the magician vanished.

The prince dismounted and tied Shadow to a nearby sapling. He walked to the edge of the grove and stood shrouded in the darkness of the trees shadows. After some time a beautiful young woman came into the grove. She sat down at the foot of a tree. She began to sing. Animals came and sat about her. The song was a soft melody about a palace of dolls and how a magician brought one of the dolls to life. The prince found the song amusing. A doll palace! Ha, how amusing. But, alas he found his foot tapping in rhythm with the song. When she had finished the song she stood, dusting herself off. And went inside the cottage. The prince took his time to mount Shadow and then started the trek back to the castle.


“Mother, today I felt as if I was being watched.” Missa let out a short laugh, “Now. Other than the animals and the magicians on occasion, there is none to watch you.” Meg sighed, “I suppose you are right.” And with that Meg began to fix their dinner. After dinner Missa mentioned that she needed to go to town. For she needed material, salt, and sugar. “I am sorry, Meg. But, you will not be able to go.” “Why? Have I done something wrong?” “No, you haven’t done a thing wrong. But, people will ask questions if I show up with a girl your age. Since I have no children.” Megara sulked about the rest of the night. In the morning Missa awoke before Meg and left to go to town.

Meg got up and went outside. She was sad that she was not able to go to town, but it was a beautiful day and she began to sing. The animals came out and stood in the grove listening. The song ended and the animals all started to speak at once. “That was wonderful!” “Stupendous!” “Dreamy!” The comments went on for some time. Meg began another song and again the animals were quiet. In the middle of the song the animals ran off crying, “Hunter!” Meg was confused. Why would there be a hunter this close to the grove? She ran into the house, and barred the door. She stood there shaking like a leaf.


She was alone. He knew she must be for he had seen an old lady walking towards the town. And there was no others living in the wood. He heard her bell like voice singing a wonderful song about the animals of the wild. How the were her friends and were a great deal of fun to be with. The singing stopped and he heard the deep silence of the wood, then the thump that must be that of a door closing. The animals must have told her someone was coming. He made Shadow speed up. “What’s the rush, your highness? She’s not going anywhere.” “Be quiet, Shadow. And gallop!” he did as told. He was a good horse. They quickly reached the grove and the prince jumped off Shadow.

He raced to the door and yelled, “Sweet young woman, do not hide yourself from me! For I am the prince and wish you no harm!” All was silent. “Do you deny the prince what he wishes? I only wish to look upon your beautiful face!” Silence remained. Then there was a small scraping noise from the other side of the door. It opened a small bit. “I do not know you. Prince or not I can not let you in. and I will not come out.” “Then open the door. You may stay inside, I will stay out, and I may still be able to look upon your face.”

She opened the door and his heart jumped for joy. She was a rare beauty, with astounding eyes and a full mouth. “My lady.” He made a deep bow, “I am Prince Denton. And I am your humble servant.” She stood for some time before she spoke. “I am Megara.” She then stepped out the door and Denton’s heart began to race faster.


Meg was amazed. This man was here to see her. And she had not a clue whom he was. Yes, he said he was the prince, but that meant nothing to her. He was still a stranger. He introduced himself. Denton. His name was Denton. Prince Denton. He was handsome. Eyes the color of the nigh sky. She was so entranced by his eyes that she left the safety of the cottage. She walked to the swing and sat. Denton approached her. He went behind her and began to push. Soon the swing was high in the air and she began to laugh.


Her laugh was like sugar. It made him want to melt. After some time he stopped the swing. She stood and ran. He took off after her. “Where are you going?” he hollered. She laughed again and ran faster. He soon heard a splash. Next thing he knew he too was in the water, next to Meg. Her dress was plastered to her body, she was so enticing. He put his hands on her slender shoulders and kissed her. She yelped and yanked herself away climbing onto the bank. “How dare you!” she cried, “You have no right!” her body shook with anger. “forgive me.” Was all he could say. She stormed off deeper into the wood.


She hadn’t expected that! It was one thing to be around him, laugh with him, but for him to kiss her… it made her so mad! She had just met him. He was still practically a stranger. Soon she was tired of running and she sat at the foot of a tree. What felt like hours later she stood and started back. She had hoped that she had waited long enough that he would be gone. But, or course he was not. He sat at the front door of the cottage. He stood as she approached. “Why are you still here? Have you not already caused me enough grief?” he bowed his head, “Please, forgive me. It was not right for me to take it upon myself to kiss you.” “Get. Go. Leave. I don’t want you here.” He continued to look at the ground, “Very well I will leave.” He looked up, “But, I will be back.” As he mounted his horse she went back inside the cottage and shut the door. Her mother should be home soon. Then all would be well.

Missa arrived at the cottage just as the sun was sinking behind the trees. When she tried to open the door she found it barred. She knocked and Meg’s shaky voice came trough the door, “Mother, is that you?” “Yes, Meg it’s me. Now open the door these things are heavy.” Meg opened the door to admit Missa. Then quickly shut it behind her. “What has gotten into you, Meg?” Meg took the things from Missa and told her the whole thing. Missa was horrified. A man had been here. Thank the gods that all he tried to do was kiss her. That night Meg slept on the floor by Missa’s bed.

By the next morning Meg had pushed all thoughts of Denton from her mind. She was cheerful and again to was a wonderful day. She went out to the creek and sat to sing. While in the middle of a song, she heard leaves crackling off to her side. She thought nothing of it. For it must be the animals, coming to hear her. No sooner than Meg it was dismissed, Denton stepped out from in between the trees. Meg screamed, Denton dove at her. Covering her mouth, “Please don’t holler so. I only wish to speak with you.” She twisted this way and that trying to free herself, but his grip only tightened. “Please!” she stopped moving, he let her go. “Sir, I do not wish for you…” “Megara, I only wish to be allowed to look upon your face and hear your sweet voice.” She shook her head. “Meg! Megara! Lunch is ready!” Missa’s voice echoed through the trees. Meg stood, “I must go… Will you let me?” her voice quaked. “I will not hold you.” She jumped up and ran to the cottage.

“Meg, what took you so long?” Missa asked. Meg opened her mouth to tell when there was a knock at the door. Missa answered it. There stood Denton. He bowed his head, “Woman I would like a word with you daughter.” Missa’s face turned grim. This. Was the man Megara had described only yesterday. “Your highness, what would you want with a peasants daughter?” He rose his head, “I wish for her to come to the castle for a feast.” Even thought Meg was frightened of Denton she couldn’t help but leap up and yell, “Yes! Yes! I will come.” She had not a clue what had come over her. Why would she say yes to a man whom had forced a kiss upon her?


I will write more on this story. But, to keep it from being no more than 4 pages, I will stop now. If you like my story please vote for it. Thank you. tkd123

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Posted On: September 5, 2006
I love it too! It a good story!

Arvada, CO
All My Stories
Posted On: September 2, 2006
ohh yea super story too! RoaR!

Arvada, CO
All My Stories
Posted On: September 1, 2006
I love it -huggles the story- cute stuff, but that is sex.ual harrasment there lol but I guess for the purpose of the story I will let it go~!
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