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Hi, my name is Kami
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A Diamond In The Rough

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By sandale219 Send DollMail
Created: 2006-08-28 20:41:10 All stories by sandale219
A Diamond in the Rough

By Kelsey

Once upon a time, there was a little girl about 7 years of age. She wasnt a very wealthy little girl, she had virtually no friends at all, she was very lonley, but what she didnt know was her luck was about to change....

"Mom!!" Kami screamed. "What dear?" Her mother yelled back. Her dad had passed away a few years ago so it was just her and her mother. "Can I go out now?" Kami said "Sure sweety be back in my 9 0" Replied her mother.

So Kami ran out side to play with her little buddy, a little rabbit who stayed in their backyard who was Kamis only friend, and she just loved telling him her secrets and dreams knowing that he'd never tell anyone.

"Oh I wish I had some friends that were my age and not- animals, I wish I could talk to someone insted of rabbit, I'm so loney." Kami thought to her self. "Get yourself together Kami!! Theres other people around here just make friends!!" Yelled the rabbit. Kami was suprised and scared, she wonder how he'd done that " W-w-hat?" Kami stammerd " Where did you come from, I never knew that you could speak!!" " I never thought I needed to, I've been listening to when you want and could seriously have, but you choose not to I thought it was time to speak up!" Replied Rabbit " That still doesnt answer my question, where did you come from, no other animals can speak but you!" Screamed Kami "Well its kind of hard, but me and my friends we come from the Doll Palace, where everything can talk from animals to rocks and trees!" Said Rabbit

" So theres more of you? " Said Kami calmly. " Yes would you like to meet them?" Said Rabbit " Oh yes I would love that!!" Kami replied. " Ok follow me!"

So Rabbit and Kami took off and creeped into a hole in the fence just big enough for Kami to fit into.

"Voila!!" Said rabbit. " WOW!! There is alot of other things!! " Said Kami. Something walked up to them, it was Harold the Giraffe " Hello, I'm Harold, Rabbit has told me alot about you Kami, hes says your very nice and kind, hes been wanting to take you here for awhile!!" Said Harold. Up came Fran the Alligator " Hello Kami! It's a pleasure to meet you!!" Than one by one everyone in the doll palace began to introuduce them selves to Kami, now she had a whole jungle of friends!! She was so happy!

Everyday when her mom let Kami out she would go visit her friends, until one day 3 years from when she had met Rabbits friends, something terrible had happend, her mother had passed away!! Now she didnt want to go anywhere!! She stopped visiting the Doll palace, and all her friends, and the hole in the fence was to small for her to fit into anymore so she just gave up!

She didnt feel a purposie anymore, she was put into a foster home at the age of 10 and got a lovley family, that she disliked very much! They were very wealthey but she did not care.

Kami started to wish she could see her friends again so she took a trip down to the fence with the hole and yelled into it "Rabbit!! Harold!! Fran!! I'm sorry I havent come to visit you in three years but I have some really bad news!!! Come out hurry!!" So all of the doll palace pals, jumped out of the hole in the fence but Harolds big butt got stuck, so they had to push for awhile but finally they all got out! "Whats wrong

Kami?!?!?!" Said Rabbit. " Well my mother passed away, and thats why I havent visited you in almost 3 years, I'm so sorry I hope you guys will forgive me!!" Replied Kami

"Of course we will! Who would'nt just remember to come vist us some more okay?" Said the animals. "No problem!" Kami said.

So from then on she visited them every weekend, and finally she got friends, and was no longer...A Diamond In The Rough!!

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