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Hi, my name is Ashlee
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A Close Call

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Created: 2005-06-23 14:51:14 All stories by
"Ash are you ready," called my friend, Jennifer. We were going to the mall. I came out of the door of my house. "Sure," I said. "Wow," she said, "You look great!" "Thanks," I said, grinning, "Let's go!" When we went through the doors of the mall, Jennifer said, "Let's go in the CD store." I agreed and we started to browse. When we had picked 2 CDs each we steped up to the counter to pay. A man (maybe 30-40 years old) took our money, put our CDs in bags, and handed them to us. Then he said to me, "Hey wanna go get something to eat? My shift ends in five minutes." I shook my head, "Ummmm, no but thank you." He watched us closely as we hurried out of the store. "That was majorly creepy" "Yeah" I said, "Let's get out of here."

*~*The Next Day*~*

I turned on the TV the next mornng to listen to the news. I had practicly forgotten about yesterdays incident when the reporter said, "And yesterday, at the Harford mall, a man raped a girl and then killed her to hide the crime. He then stuffed her in the trunk of his car and drove off. One witness described the man to the police and the mall manager confirmed his identity. Frank Shilgo. Police are still trying to locate him." I recognized the man on TV as the guy at the CD store who had invited us to eat with him. I shuddered and turned the TV off. I ranced to the phone and called Jennifer. I told her everything I had heard. "Oh my gosh," she said, "That's freaky" I agreed then hung up the phone. I realized that it had been a very very very close call.


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