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Hi, my name is Victoria
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A Chance at Love

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By felishialmoon Send DollMail
Created: 2012-12-30 21:44:06 All stories by felishialmoon
Victoria is the angel of love. Never heard of it, that doesn't surprise me in the least bit. The reason nobody has heard of her is because she's meant to be felt and never seen. Love is felt by so many individuals in the world. Most people think that this love they feel just happens, and some bouts of love do happen in that way. However, a lot of the love that blossoms between two individuals is nurtured by the hands of Victoria.

Victoria is the push that some relationships need to take that extra step. She is the calm and soothing remedy for a couple that is plagued with worries or commitment issues. But with every situation, their is a good and bad. Behind her beauty and the wonderful things she does, her kind cannot feel any of it. They bring so much love and warmth to the world, but they cannot love another. Victoria, the angel of love, was supposed to of been created without a heart.

Victoria is the twenty-second daughter in a long line of angels, created by God, himself. She was created to feel nothing for the human race, only to guide them in love. However, Victoria is different than all the rest. She has a mind of her own and for the first time in hundreds of years, she feels.

Victoria, unlike all the other angels, was created with a heart by mistake. She feels for the humans and she craves to be loved by someone and to love them in return. She wants a companion to live with and grow old with it.

Victoria is going to do something that no other angel has done. She is determined to fall in love with a human. She's willing to give up her immortality just for love. Her only problem in this situation is how will she do it? And will it cost her?

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