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Hi, my name is Chelsea
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A Broken Heart pt.1

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Created: 2004-12-12 14:22:37 All stories by
One day in middle school, Chelsea is telling her friend Paige how much she likes Marquise.

C:I just think he's so cute & he is nice to me!

P:I know he is cute! u 2 should go out!

suddenly Marquise comes up and gives chelsea a hug!

P: aww u 2 look so cute together!

M: I kno! I g2g! Chels write me a note!

The next day chelsea gives the note she wrote to marquise. it didnt say much just whats up & stuff!

M: ill write u back next hour!


the next hour in the hall marquise gives chelsea a note chelsea opens it and reads it! of course he asked her out. Chelsea wrote back and said yes l8r that nite they talked on the phone for hours.

they always wrote notes back & fourth & one day marqiuse wrote chelsea a note that said I love you! She was loving her life she didnt think it could be any better until another cute boy began 2 flirt with her! Trenton!

To be continued....

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Posted On: February 17, 2012
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