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Hi, my name is Alli, Nadia and Rain
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3 Shades of Blue

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By SeiraOrangePearl2 Send DollMail
Created: 2014-03-18 17:11:35 All stories by SeiraOrangePearl2
[Alli]~ It's the same as every day I get up and put on my uniform and brush my red hair but today was different

[Nadia]~ I got up and brushed my pale blonde hair after getting dressed for school I smiled

[Rain]~ I got ready brushing my dark blue hair I walked outside and waited for the girls to get here

[Alli]~ I walked to Nadia's I live the farthest away from the school since I had no family

[Nadia]~ I smiled walking out side going with Allison to Rain's

[Rain]~ I was avoided most the year I had very cold and pale skin and sharp eyes till Allison started school we became fast friends people called her a 'Witch' and they called me 'Absolute Zero Snow Woman' I was used to it then Nadia transferred to our school from a private school she was very pretty. But very rich no one Thought that I could be friends with people like them

[Alli & Nadia]~ "Rain-Chan!" we yelled running over to her we hugged her

[Alli]~ I shivered "Still made of Ice?" I asked jokingly

[Nadia]~ I smiled

[Rain]~ I laughed "Are you still casting spells?" I asked sticking my tongue out at her

[Alli & Rain]~ "Yes we said at the same time like sisters

[Alli]~ I loved Rain and Nadia like sisters since I had none

[Nadia]~ "Remember my birthday is soon so we HAVE to go shopping after school" Ii said the girls laughed

[Alli]~ we got to school no one made eye contact with me or Rain

[Rain]~ everyone looked at Nadia she was perfect her pale blonde hair fell perfectly no matter what she had the coldest blue eyes colder then my skin

[Nadia]~ I looked at my friends Rain was pale her eyes where a light brown and her hair was a dark navy blue (Natural if you must know) and then Allison she has bright red hair (Natural also) and Hazel eyes they bother were pretty but I understood why no one talked to them Allison talked oddly since she was raised in Salam, Mass. Rain had cold skin and was very pale and her eyes sharp people are scared of her but me and Allison weren't we gave her a chance people said Allison casted a spell on me to be their friend but that was a lie

[Rain]~ as we sat in class I sat by the window I watched the snow fall outside "How pretty" I whispered Allison smiled sitting down next to me

[Alli]~ "She has feelings!" I joked with her and Nadia they both laughed Rain hit my arm

[Nadia]~ "Behave both of you" I said

[Alli & Rain]~ Yeah Right" we said

[Nadia]~ after school we went shopping I bought the girls dresses Rain got a dark blue dress that went down to her knees it tied around the back of her neck Allison got a bright blue dress that went to the floor and had no straps or sleeves I got a middle blue dress that went to the floor but tied around my neck also we went back to my house I talked my parents into adopting Allison "Hey Alli guess what?" I said

[Alli]~ "What?" I asked

[Nadia]~ "Your my sister now!" I said

[Alli & Rain]~ "Really?" we said

[Rain]~ "so that means tomorrow it your goatcha day!" I said

[Alli & Nadia]~ "Yay!" We said

[Alli]~ "I guess I have to go clean my dorm out then" I said

[Rain]~ "We will go help you" I said

[Nadia]~ I walked with them to the dorms we cleaned Alli's out and helped her move into the room next to mine I had a big family but having Allison here made it a little better now all I needed was Rain then my life would be perfect

[Rain]~ I hugged them both "I have to get going Mama wont be happy" I said they nodded I waved and ran off Mama was really mad at me until I told her then she was happy

[Alli]~ "Nads it's going to take me a while to get used to this" I said

[Nadia]~ "Yeah I know" I said my youngest sister Cassie started crying me and Allison ran across the room to her room Allison beat me she sat on Cassie's bed and sang till she was asleep

[Alli]~ "I had to deal with a lot of crying kids at the dorm" I said Nadia nodded we went to sleep

[Rain]~ I went to sleep

[Nadia]~ the next day we talked to my5 sisters about Allison being our new sister

[Alli]~ "How old are you?" Cassie asked "15" I said "What school do you go to?" the second youngest Claire asked "River Ridge High School" I said the other sisters where Jade, Sara and Serena. Serena and Sara are the 3 youngest and twins Jade is only a few months younger then I am I was the youngest out of me, Nadia and Rain

[Rain]~ "Knock Knock" I said walking in and was hugged by Nadia and Allison "Happy birthday" I told Nadia "Happy Gotcha day" I said to Alli

[Nadia]~ I smiled someone covered my eyes I hear the twins giggling "Guess who?" the voice connected to the hands said I turned "Josh!" I said and turned I kissed him "HEY!" All the girls said I giggled "What?"

[Rain]~ "Not here Not now" I said

[Nadia]~ "Fine" I said crossing my arms

[Alli]~ I smiled my life would never be the same

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United Kingdom
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Posted On: March 21, 2014

Nadia x Josh

Keep going
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