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Hi, my name is Ellie
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Created: 2005-02-08 17:34:02 All stories by
How could my mom do that to me? Did'nt she know it was wrong? Or was it all because of alchohol? I was so speechless i could barely think. So i just sat there like an idoit. They finally got a cast on my leg, and i left the hospital. When i got in the car i was frightened. I didnt know if my so called "mom" was going to hurt or even kill me. When i got in she said, Ellie! that was so rude of you, to dissagre with me, i could of gotten in deep trouble! Shut your mouth next time,jeeze. I looked at her. Well, i dont want to be hurt again, i answered as a tear strolled down my face. She said oh your such a wussy! i didnt even try to push you, so get over it! the whole world isnt about you ellie! But ever since your dad left you've been acting so immature! I suddenly remembered, My dad! He would be gone for 3 more months but if i called him, maybe he could help me. Even if he had to leave his buisness trip! I started smiling as i got home, but when i got in my bedroom i saw my pair of sissors right in front of me.......*part5soon*

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