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Hi, my name is Artemis
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~*~Naruto~*~ Moving!!!(Part 1)

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By NekoIceGuardian Send DollMail
Created: 2006-05-21 00:22:01 All stories by NekoIceGuardian
I woke up to a repeating, and quitw annoying clanking sound. Grunting, I turned over and pulled the covers over my head. The clanking sound got louder, I groaned. It got even louder and faster, I growled. Finally, it was right in my ear and I shot up in the bed.

"Good... You're up," a tall woman holding a symbol and standing next to my bed said.I cocked my head to one side and looked at her, her exotic features nearly knocking me over again. Her blue, gold flecked eyes stared at me, as I took in her presence. A single gold streak of hair fell into her face from her ponytail, while the rest of her blue, gold streaked hair was tied back.

Her skin, compared to mine was a dark, dark bronze and the simple white t-shirt she wore complimented that. A pair of overly baggy blue jeans hung around her legs and went down to the floor, covering her feet.

I growled, it was a low, feral sound, "Go away..." She smiled at me and shoved me out of my bed. Unfortunately, I landed, not so gracefully, on my butt, "Ow! Taki, what was that for!?"

"Don't be such a baby, Artemis," she crooned and helped me up. As soon as I stood, I caught sight of myself in the floor length mirror on the west wall. Not so long ago, I had cut off all of my pure white hair.

So it was now boy-ishly short, with a piece thick enough to cover the left side of my face, I left it just chin length. My emerald green eyes stared back at me... searching for something, and even I didn't know what that 'something' was. Strange, huh? I shook my head and continued looking at myself. My dark bronze skin seemed a bit out of place, considering the color of my eyes and hair. The t-shirt I wore hung loosely around me, since it was about two sizes too big. Compared to Taki I was a bit short, since she stood at 5'11" and I only stood at maybe 5'3".

Since I was facing the front wall, you could see my entire left side, meaning you could see the tattoo all ANBU "goons" have through my white shirt. My eyes traveled down my arm, my nails were painted black, and a tribal styled ring rested on my middle finger. I smirked to myself, everyone thought I was a guy, but guess what? I'm not, sucks for you, girls.

I sighed and turned away, I hated my looks. Some people may think I'm hott, beautiful, sexy, whatever... but I don't think so, and my opinion is worth more than yours, so ha. Sighing again, and letting it out slowly, I mummbled, "I'll get dressed." Taki left my room and I changed from my sleep clothes to something more appropriate. I smiled as I slid on the red dress shirt, and the black, extremely baggy, chain covered pants Taki laid out for me. I dug through my drawers and found the next accessory, my black fingerless gloves that reached my elbows and put them on.

Sliding on the black sandals that were common to all shinobi, I slipped a few kunai in the many pockets of my pants and reflexively grabbed a windmill shuriken. I always carried one around, and strapped it to my right leg.

"Hurry up Artemis! Takashi's about to leave!" Taki called from down the stairs, but I didn't bother to answer, I never did. Grabbing a bag, I stuffed a few more changes of clothes in and threw it over my shoulder. Then I rushed down the stairs, grabbed my headband, stuffed a piece of toat in my mouth and shot out the door.

There stood the Shadow Ninja, my acclaimed uncle and trainer. He was pretty plain, he wore the standard Jonin uniform, which I -in the past- did NOT wear. I'm too much of a rebel. There were only a few things added to his uniform, which were the bandages that covered the lower part of his face and the extremely thick sunglasses he always wore. His hair was silver and up in side-spikes. I downed my toast, grinned at him, and even though I couldn't see it, I knew he was smiling back.

Then I realized something was missing, my hand flew to my neck. 'Oh crap... no chain!' I went frantic, searching all of my pockets and basically everywhere for it. Then I heard him laugh, and I looked up slowly. He lifted up a silver chain with two dog tags on it.

"Looking for this?" He asked as I growled and snatched it from him, quickly putting it around my neck. Yet again he smiled at me, unseen. I slipped my arm through his bit a bit of an annoyed 'let's go' look, and we walked off.

"Artemis," came his deep voice, causing me to look up at him. Worry flashed across his face for a second, "You know all there is to the kekkei genkai, right?" I nodded proudly. "You can possess them as well?" I looked down sadly, because this was why no one wanted to be near me.

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Posted On: August 4, 2006
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