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Hi, my name is Elley
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*~* Ill Love You Lots Like Jelly Tots *~*

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Created: 2005-07-13 15:58:21 All stories by
A few weeks after mum had became a druggy , dad and i were going to go camping .

We always used to go when i was a tiny tot .We used to love it .

So dad decided we would go again .

Deep inside i was totally shocked and happy , but i never let anything slip ,

so when he asked me what i thought about this i just said " uh yeh cool "

But dad knew me better than that , and knew i was overwhelmed .

I pakced all my fave teddy's and my new frilly pink knickers ( that dad bought me because ...well ... he loved me ! )

Even if he didnt love me we always got on .

Even by ourselves we were the perfect family .

Anyway , dad also bought me a new pair of walking boots and a pair of combat pants a a t-shirt to match .

I packed all this stuff and made room for something a bit mroe special .

It was a portrait of my family when most of them were alive and not alchy's or druggy's .

Me , dad , uncle john , auntie pat, cousin laura , cousin calum , auntie sarah and uncle fred , were the only normal people in our family ( and believe me there's a lot in our family )

And so i packed everything i would need , as it was only for a weekend .

I hugged the picture and kissed dad's face .

I knew i loved him , i knew i would always love him .

So to show my apprecation , i ran downstairs hugged him and said " Dad , Am i loved ?"

This was our little routine to tell eachother we love each other .

Dad replied " Well i know some-one who loves you ....."

At that moment he means himself !

" But if your not loved Ill love you lots like jelly tots "

I smiled and he kissed my forehead .

Happy ?

I think so !

*~* Part 2 coming soon *~*

*~* Rate high and comment for the second part *~*

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Posted On: January 1, 2006
Awwe that is so Cute!

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