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Hi, my name is Lynn
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-Fate's Game- a Harry Potter story [2

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By Lalaland12 Send DollMail
Created: 2008-07-09 12:09:41 All stories by Lalaland12
"Oh, Crap!!!" Alexis Screamed. Amber eyes were wide as she realized what she had said. "Stupid Freaking Taboo!" Cloe yelled.Lynn thought fast as Cloe punched a deatheater and Amber dodged a stunning spell. They had to get out as fast as possible. Disapperating was out. What would they do?

Lynn Did some kind of sliding movement like a baseball player sliding in to home, to dodge a killing curse. Cloe was pinned to the ground by a Deatheater. She squirmed and kicked as a wand was pointed at her chest. I whipped my wand from my pocket. "Stupify!" I screamed. The Deatheater fell limp, and Cloe scrambled off the ground and retrieved her wand.

Alexis was Throwing spells and curses blindly but nothing helped. Someone grabbed her arm and threw her. Alexis was thrown to the ground and skidded to a stop. The right side of her face had a small cut from brushing the ground.

Amber who could be mistaken for a Ditzy blonde kicked a Deatheater in the gut and stunned him. No Ditzy Blonde there. She was also the only one who hadn't fallen to the ground.

Lynn thumbled with the necklace chain and enclosed her fist around it. The chain snapped from her neck and the Time-Turner was thrust at a near by wall.A sound of broken glass confirmed that the small hour glass pendent had broke. Cloe being the nearest to the wall picked up the pendent which had been broken in half. Sand filled both sides of the hour glass and it sparkled brightly in the sun.

"C'mon!" Cloe yelled. They ran to her and as she sprinkled the dust over them, Lynn looked back to see wands pointed at them.

"Hogwarts School Summer of 1995!" Lynn screamed.They fell backwards into darkness. Lynn was heaving a sigh of relief.

The four of them fell onto soft grass. No one dared to move. Lynn felt hot sun's rays on her skin. Birds were chirping, and there was a calm feeling to the place. Never in her fifteen years of living had Lynn felt calm, Since she was born-as were her friends- in the middle of a war. This was a strange feeling for her, but she was happy.

Footsteps could be heard now. The footsteps were quicker, they had spotted them. Lynn's eyes opened. Someone was leaning over Cloe. Why wasn't she sitting up from the presence of the stranger. Lynn Could tell Alexis was unconcious because she had her fingerin her slightly open mouth. Lynn Sat up and The person looked up. He had Cold black eyes and Greesy black hair. Severus Snape.

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United Kingdom
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Posted On: July 9, 2008
ilove how you ended the fight.

ilove how you explained the fight.

ilove the whole thing.

Keep me updated.

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