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Hi, my name is Dizzy
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~*Fairies, Kisses and Magic makes a girl Dizzy*~

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By babes29 Send DollMailSend Email
Created: 2006-08-31 10:14:36 All stories by babes29
'See you tomorrow, Dizzy!' my friend, Jamie, called. She was a cool friend and we've known each other since we were born. I couldnt help thinking things like we'll split up and never make friends-that's my worst nightmare. Though there's other things to think of which are nightmares too. I was heading home after me, Jamie and Jake had a good whole day to our selves. Jake was our other best friend too. Jake and Jamie live near each other, I live the opposite dirrection from them and I dont like it because it feels as if I'm missing out on a few things. So I waved good-bye and walked in the direction I was going.

As I reached the front door I could hear shouting. Great. Another argument another day. I pressed the doorbell and my mum opened it.

'Finally,' she frowned. 'Good timing, where's J-J?' mum asked. That's what most people say if they know Jamie and Jake it's their nick-name.

'Went home,' I muttered.

'Oh.' mum sighed. 'Kim and your father are arguing because Kim didnt come back until nine at night, which is now,'. Wow. So she went out with her friends and never came back until now? Ohmygod! I couldnt, in my whole life, do that. It'll feel weird missing my bed for some reason. I mean I'm thirteen and everything and my sister calls me 'Saddo' or some other stupid names but I couldt EVER do that. I felt a shiver run down my spine and I ran upstairs to my bedroom. I started to look at the photos around my room of my family. Looking back at pictures of me and Kim make my eyes tingle and my nose run. We were really happy then and we were like twins, we did everything together, stuck up for each other. But now...It's like she's not my sister and she likes her friends better than me. I feel like I've been pushed the bottom of the photo so no-one can see me. I feel lonely when I'm at home. I try talking to her but she just ignores me and laughs. So I leave her alone. Bleep! Bleep! Wo. That bloody mobile gave me a fright. I grabbed my phone out of my jeans pocket and answered it.

'Hello?' I asked.

'Hey, Dizzy, it's me-Jamie,' Jamie said. I sighed with relief, I can finally talk to someone.

'Hi, Ja-'

'Hey look I cant talk right now, but do you have my scarf? You know when I slept over a couple of days ago?' she asked.

'I dont think so, but I'll check now-if you want,' I suggested.

'No thanks, just call me back OK babe?'

'Alright,' I frowned and Jame declined the phone call. I sighed loudly and sat down on my bed. Now what? Might as well look for Jamie's scarf.

I couldnt get to sleep the next night, I felt cold and sick. I had put some socks on-in fact DOUBLE socks on and pulled the cover right up to my chin! And it was meant to be a hot night today. What's wrong? I tried to get to sleep again, but everytime I closed my eyes an image of some sort of FAIRY appeared. What's happening to me? I dont even BELIEVE in fairies and I'm getting images of them! How stupid. I climbed out of bed and tip-toed downstairs to the kitchen to get some hot chocolate. As I walked into the kitchen Kim was sat on a chair where the kitchen table was. She startled me and I jumped slightly. She looked at me with sad eyes and her masscara had ran all over he face.

'Kim?' I gasped, sitting down on a separate chair.

'Dizzy, please help,' she whispered. Wo. She's never said this before!

'What is it, Kim?'

'Dad's grounded me, took my phone off me, forcing me to make new friends and to spilt up with Dave,' Kim sobbed. Dave? Her boyfriend?

'How cruel,' I whispered.

'What can I do?'

'Say your sorry,' I sighed getting up and heading for the coco powder for hot chocolate. 'Want some?' I ask. She shakes her head.

'How?'. How? I was surprised. I tried not to laugh at her.

'Make him some coffee and egg and toast, basically breakfast in bed, and write a little message saying how sorry you were and say you'll do anything for him,'

'What?' she gasped.

'Always works,' I grinned.

'OK,' she nodded. 'But your gonna have to help,'. I smiled and nodded.

After all of that I looked at the time, eight in the morning and went back to bed to get a bit of sleep. By the time I woke up it was one o'clock! Wow! I walked downstairs and I was going to explain how cold it was last night but mum was crying.

'Mum?' I ask.

'Diz! Come here darling,' she sobbed.

'What's wrong?'

'I'm proud of her, she's said sorry and her father has asked her to pull her self together,' mum smiled. Wow. So it DID work. Kim came into the lounge smiling weakly and winked at me. Ohmygod. How lucky AM I?

'Dear, go and get ready and have some lunch,' mum smiled, stroking my hair. I had a warm shower, how lovely it was, and got changed and had the best lunch ever! My choice! I went back up stairs peered into the mirror, smiling at my self. Suddenly I see a person behind me. I turned around, no-one their. I turned back and there the person was. She had wings and she was beautiful. A fairy? I was about to touch the mirror when my hand went through. I pulled it out quickly and took deep breaths.

'Ohmygod,' I gasped. I wanted to go through but what if my parents noticed I had gone? So I decided to leave it 'till night.

As soon as everyone went to bed I quickly got my night gown on and went through the mirror! This place was beautiful with lots of clouds and rainbows! There was gates infront of me.

'HELLO? ANYONE-' I coudnt finish my sentence as I had fallen through the clouds. 'ARGH! WOO!' I screamed as I was on some sort of cloud slide. It was sort of curly, I rocked this way that way and I went sliding down a high drop.

'HELP ME! ARGH!' I screamed. I was going round and round after the drop and finally the 'ride' finished. I felt so sick I could've thrown up. I lay on my belly feeling sick, hoping it was a silly dream. Or maybe I'm in heaven? I say two feet infront of my eyes.

'You wanted help didnt you?' this person said, looking down at me. I brought my self to stand up and groomed my self.

'Is this some silly joke?' I snapped.

'Sorry,' the girl said. 'My name is Fraya,' she introduced her self.

'I'm Dizzy, and I dont believe in fairies, so go away, ' I muttered. Suddenly Fraya froze, she'd gone pale as if she'd seen a ghost.

'Fraya?' I said, clicking my fingers infront of her eyes seeing if she blinked. 'Oh, ha ha, very funny, come on Fraya I need help here,' I frowned. But she didnt budge, not even BREATH. I think if you say you didnt believe in fairies the fairy/s freeze. So how do you UN-freeze them? I thought and thought. I clicked my fingers as I had an idea. That's it! Un-Do the speech.

'I belive in faires,' I said. Fraya had gone green kind of and then she un-froze and started to take deep breaths. Gasping for air.

'Dizzy,' she said.

'Sorry, I didnt know,' I answered. 'Are you alright?'



'Yes,' she said. I coudlnt look at her.

'Human freak?' I whisper to my self.

'"Dont believe in fairies,".' I heard Fraya mutter to her self.

'Typical,' we both frowned. '-Look I'm sorry,' we both said. I started to laugh and so did Fraya.

'Anyway we've got to go to The Doll Palace,' Fraya grinned, taking hold of my wrists and flapping her wings and taking off.

As we arrived at the palace the Queen greeted us.

'Dizzy. Welcome,' she smiled.

'Hello,' I blushed.

'OK. I'll take you around the Palace for a tour,' the Queen says. The tour of the palace? Wow. Awesome. We entered the palace and the first room was a dining room.

'This is the dining room where I eat with friends,' she says. Wow. It's beautiful. The tables clean and shiny and it's a rich red wallpaper which has covered the room. And there's roses everywhere. We left the room and carried on down the corridor.

'Why's it called "The Doll Palace"?' I ask. The Queen stops walking and I nearly bump into her. She sighs and turns around and Fraya sighed as well, they both look sad.

'What?' I say.

'We knew you were wise and sensible,' Fraya says.

'It's called that because when people say "I dont believe in fairies"...the fairy freezes and if someone doesnt say, in the next hour, "I believe in fairies"...the fairy dies and turns into a doll. But there IS a cure for this,' the Queen says. A cure?

'What SORT of cure, Queen Isabela?' I ask.

'A staff with a diamond on it, inside that diamond is the cure, one drop of the liquad inside the doll's mouth and the fairy is alive,' Queen Isabela sighs.

'But the staff is kept somewhere in BloodWood. Where no-one is ment to go. It is dangerous and there are evil spirits and evil fairies in there,' the Queen says, looking really sad. We dont speak after that but continue the tour.

Wow. It's lovely that place. Really beautiful. I wish I could afford something like that, but dads-Dad? Ohmygod! What about my family!

'Fraya?' I ask, as I was eating my candyfloss.


'My family, I need to get back,'

'Really? I was just about go on the Fairy Wheel, it's really-' Fraya frowned.

'Fraya,' I sighed.

'OK,'. She lead me back to slide.

'How am I meant to get up that slide, when it's made for going dooooooooooown!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?' I scream as I get sucked up a tube. I pop out where that Golden Gate was. What is it for? I walk up to it and there's a lock there. Hmmm...I decide to leave the gate and come back to it some other time and there's a mirror there and I walked through it.

It's still one o'clock when I get back. Wow, so time freezes? When I leave this world? Hmm...Maybe I can go back, right now? Yeah. I will. Yeah. I go back through the mirror and I get ready to go down the stupid slide. Nothing happens. So I stand there and call Fraya's name.

'FRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAA????????????????????????? ?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' I scream until my flipping eyes pop out. 'WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! ARGH!! IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'MMMMMMMMMM SIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK OOF THIIIIIISSSS!!!!!!!!!' I cry (I'm not crying). I finally land and throw up in THAT spot.


'FRAYA!' I shout. 'You see that! It's flipping SICK,' I say.

'Sorry,'. I sigh, she sighs.

'That golden gate, up there,' I say. 'Why's it locked and what's it for?' . Fraya doesnt answer. She just stands there. I tut. What have said now? No, she's fine she's breathing but somethings making her scared. I turn around and right in front of me is a gothic fairy.

'Argh!' I cried in surprise, my heart thudding madly.

'Hello, DIZZY,' the fairy said.

'Dont listen to a word she says, Dizz,' Fraya whispers, who's hiding behind my back.

'What do you want?' I tremble.

'Want to know what is behind that GATE?' she asks, her eyes gleaming.

'Dont listen, Dizzy,' Fraya says.




'Thats it,' Fraya says, flying from behind me. 'FIRE!' and she shoots fire out at the gothic fairy.


'WHAT?' I gasp.

'YOU'VE GOT POWERS TOO! SHOUT "EARTH"!!' the fairy says. I look at my hands. All this time I've got POWERS? I shut my eyes and shout...

'EARTH!' I dont feel anything but I know I've done something. I open my eyes and I've captured Fraya! 'OHMYGOD! FRAYA!' I look over to the gothic fairy who has a dager and is about to STAB Fraya! 'EARTH!' I shout and the gothic fairy gets tangled in some vines. 'Fraya, I should've listened to you,' I say running up to her and untying her. The gothic fairy unties herself and gets up and grabs hold of Fraya and pushes her off the cloud.


'DIZZY!' Fraya calls. I run over to her and grab hold of her hands which are keeping her safe, hanging off the cloud. 'DIZZY! WATCH OUT!' Fraya cries. I turn around and the gothic fairy whacks me on the back of my head and everything blacks out...

'Ssh, she's waking up,' I hear someone say. I open my eyes, groaning and I see four people stood in front of me. The Queen, two maids and a guy. He's awesome!

'Dizzy, are you alright?' the Queen asks me.

'Yes, I think,' I say. I sit up and I find out I'm in a bed. Nice and comfy. I dont need to worry about time back home because it freezes when I'm not there. 'This is maid Jessy and maid Lindsy,'

'Hello, Miss,' they both smiled, doing a curtsy. Miss? Oooh, I like this place!

'And this is Prince Jake,' Queen Isabela smiled. I stared at him, he's soooo hot. He smiled and me and I smiled back.

'Queen Isabela? I have magic powers,' I say. Everyone in the room stare at me. No-one talks, not even me.

'How do you know? WHO TOLD YOU?!' Queen Isabela. 'FRAYA? THAT STUPID GIRL!'

'NO MAM'! An evil fairy,' I whisper.


'When I came back from my home,' I say. 'At the end of 'slide','

'Oh,' (hotty) Prince (hotty) Jake nodded. 'That doesnt matter,'

'Where's Fraya?'

'We found her at the bottom of the cloud where'slide' is,'


'No, alive, she's fine,' Maid Jessy said. I told them I was fine and I could walk around and so I decided to go to the kitchen.

'You're the key...'I hear someone say.

'Hello?' I ask. No-one.

'It's me Dizzy, as you say 'Gothic Fairy'...You are the key,' the voice says. The key? That's it! I'm the key! The key! The key to the gate! I left the palace and I found my way to the gate. I took a deep breath and held the lock in my hand and suddenly. CREAK! The gate opened! She was right! I walked forward and instead of nice clouds-I remember it's BloodWood and everything turned black and red and gothic and I made a run for the gates but the gates shut on it. Oh no! I had to stay with my self and keep out of danger. I could see red eyes from bushes and I could hear growls and hisses. I felt scared. Suddenly someone grabbed (or something) and covered my mouth and pulled me into the bushes.

'You're going to come with me,' this person or thing hissed. This person or thing brought me to this woman who was sat on a black throne with skulls everywhere.

'Hello, Dizzy, do you feel WELCOME?' she cackled.

'SHUT UP!' I shouted. 'WHAT DO YOU WANT?!'

'YOU!' and got up and flew over to me and smacked me.

'Urgh!' I cried. I saw this staff she was carrying with a ruby diamond on it. She took it off the staff, placed her index finger on the top of the diamond and pierced her self and then she tipped it upside down and one droplet of liquad came out and she placed it back on the staff. The cure!

'The cure,' I whisper, so she couldnt hear me.

'The cure? Not for me! Hahahaha! This makes makes me even more POWERFUL!' her red eyes shining.

'YOU'LL DIE ONE DAY! YOU WITCH!' I shout. She smacks me again and this time I fall on the floor, my lip bleeding.

'You human freak,' she muttered and walked away. 'Put her in the dungeons and knock her out so she wont remember a thing!' she says and then two pigs type things drag me away by my arms, while two ther pig type things start kicking me and whaking me.

Next thing I know I'm in a prision. I'm brusied and I'm cut and bleeding. My jeans are dirty and so is my top and my hair is scruffy. If I dont get tidy once I get out of here and I go home...? What if I'm still scruffy and my parents find out...? Oh no, what do I say? There are two guards talking and so I call them over.

'Ever wanted a girlfriend to mess with?' I ask looking hot. They both wink and grin. I shout 'earth' and grab the keys.

'HEY!' and then I shout 'earth' again and tie them in some thick vine and open the door. I push them into my 'room' and lock them in there.

'Gonna have to look hotter than THAT!' I snort, walking away. I sneak out and find my way back to the gate.

'QUEEN ISABELA!' I shout, as I enter the palace. She comes rushing to me.


'The staff-' I say.


'Over the rainbow goes happy little pigs!' I sing.

'Excuse me, lady Dizzy this is no time for games. It's important,' Prince Jake said. Aaw...He takes hold of of my shoulders and shakes me. Then my mind clicks back into place.

'Thats it!' I smile, hugging Jake as he woke me up. I told the Queen and Jake the whooole story. The Queen sent for Fraya to go back with me to BloodWood and help me get the Staff.

'Wow, you've been on an adventure,' Fraya giggled.

'Haha,' I frowned. 'Come on and follow,'

'Ohmygod!' Fraya froze again.

'Welcome back, I see you escaped!' the evil fairy laughed. She took hold of my neck laughing.

'GAA!' I cried gasping for air. 'F-K-R-K-AK-Y-KA!' I tried to say 'Fraya' but I was chocking too much.

'ARGH!' Fraya screamed, as two pig things grabbed her. 'FIRE!' she called, but she was struggling too much and miss fired and the fire hit ME!


'SORRY!' Fraya cried. Fraya tried again and this time hit the evil one.

'YOU IDIOT!' she cried. I was gasping for air too much.

'Earth,' I whisper, pointing my hand towards the pigs. Fraya was set free and quickly flew over to me and grabbed my wrists and tried to take off, but the evil fairy grabbed my ankles.

'GET OFF!' I shout, kicking my feet.

'Nurgh!' Fraya cried, as there was too much weight on her. I kicked harder, she wouldnt let go. And then I decided to spit on her.

'EEW!' she cried and let go of my ankles.

'Good work,' Fraya says, looking down to me, I smiled. We stay high so she cant grab my ankles. The fairy stands up and points the staff at us.

'Oh no,' Fraya says and acciedently lets go of me.

'FRAYAA!' I call. I landed on the muddy ground. 'UF!'. The fairy walked up to me and grinned. 'What do you want?' I said coughing.

'I want you to die,' she whispers and points the staff towards my face, I close my eyes.

'HURA!' Fraya cries, as she flies up to the fairy and lifting her off the ground a little and pushing her. She dropped the staff.

'NOOOOOOOO!' she called. I grabbed it and smiled.

'Quickly, Dizzy, we haven't got much time!' Fraya says, flying towards the gate. I ran as fast I could. I looked behind and the fairy was running after me. I made it and I was panting like hell! I was covered in mud and ripped clothes. I felt Fraya hug me.

'Well done,' she smiled.

We made it back to the Queen and she cheered. We went to a room I've never seen-where all the dolls were. The Queen took the diamond off and cured everyone. Nothing happened. Jake put his arm around my waist. He looked like Jake in my world...How bazzare. I blushed. Suddenly like some sort of explosion started and lots of colours blew up.

'It's beautiful,' I whisper. Every doll floated into the air and instantly turned into fairies! At this time, Jake snogged me! ARGH! WOW!

'You are a hero,' the Queen said. I blushed, how awesome.

The Queen, Jake and Fraya said good-bye to me as we were near the mirror and the big golden gates.

'Visit any time!' the Queen cried.

'Will do,' I smile. 'Good-bye!' and I step through the mirror. As I was back in my room the door bell rang.

'I'll get it,' I called. It was Jake. 'Hey,' I smiled, blushing.

'Hey, wanna continue the game?' he said, ah yes. The game we always play on my computer. We walked upstairs and into my room.

'But before we do,' he grabbed hold of me and snogged me! Everything's happening at once. 'And...I've always fancied you, Dizzy...And eer...Nice clothes,' he said, blushing. Nice what? Oh. My clothes. They're not messy! Cool! Now that sure makes a girl...Dizzy.

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North Augusta, SC
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Posted On: January 20, 2007

Staten Island, NY
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Posted On: September 14, 2006
i love it

Flushing, NY
All My Stories
Posted On: August 31, 2006
This is such a cute story. I love the ending. Jake kisses her. OMG! Great job.
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