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Site Guidelines
You must be the owner of the site. Your site must meet all of the guidelines below in order to be considered for admission into the ring.

Content and Presentation
What information does your site present? Is it relevant? Appropriate? There are thousands of doll pages on the Internet. What does yours have that others don't? Why should someone come back more than once? In addition to having original information, it must also be well organized. Quality, as well as quantity, is important. Your site must also be complete - we do not accept sites that are 'Under Construction'

Use of Artwork & Images
Does your site depend too heavily on artwork? Your site should contain more than just pictures. Visitors should be able to apprecieate the site without pictures. In addition, pictures appearing on your site should load quickly and have their source cited. It is also strongly recommended that sites get permission to use artwork prior to publishing it online.

Strength of the Site's Design
Good design is a major requirement of the webring. What good are pages and pages if content if it is difficult to find it? Sites employing a good design that is compatible with most browsers, easy to read and navigate will be more likely to be admitted to the ring. Some suggestions: navigation links to major areas should be placed on every page, not just a 'Back' link. Use high-contrast text (i.e. black on white) and keep the use of large images to a minimum.

Frequency of Updates
Is your site updated often? With the ever-changing world of the Internet, sites should be constantly updated with new information to entice visitors to come back. Improvements should be made to sites on a regular basis. If you don't update your site at least somewhat often (every few months at the very least), it may be removed from the ring.

Originality of Material
Is your site original? Do you present new information that you've made up, or did you borrow it from somebody else's site?. Try something different! That is what makes a site original and people want to come back.

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