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Hi please make cheerleader dolls
I will tell all my friends to sign up if you do well
cheer dolls but for the record make them like angel dolls
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i like all the doll makers. i think you should make an avatar:the last airbender maker. that would be great.
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i love the easy doll maker
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candy bar is messing up you cant save with out something not working right or looking the same
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You should make it so you can type words beside the doll that you created so it can be an avatar!!!!!!
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this is awsome
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¢¾This site is cool but i steel need to learn how to work it¢¾
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some of the items in all of the makers(Usually the easy ones) appear on the top, and when I try to save the picture, it doesn't work. Please try and fix this.
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You need bodys! There wert any when I made one and it didn't look good.
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more black or african american doll bodies and faces in all areas
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More birdies please! I love cute birds. all colors; blue, red, yellow, brown, pink. Maybe some in cages too. I want to make a webpage with all faerys with their birdies.
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i love the maker, but half the time the clothes appear beside the base. It happens on other easy makers, too!
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I love this site. ^^ I think it would be awesome if there was a ninja dollmaker though. =)
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it should be easier to put your own dolls into the fashion shows!
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I don't like the angel doll maker b/c a lot of the stuff doesn't fit.
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i think that ur cloths/hair should come in several different colours for each item if you could do something that would be great
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make a ninja doll maker please(naruto)
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I want to have the same options as I do with IE but when I use IE in the doll build page I have a hard time trouble shooting with the color charts and other options I would have if I where to use my own internet connection (FireFox)
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I love your site,so much so that I'm going to upgrade my membership next month. I just wanted to tell you though my own thoughts on something.The site would be even more fun if you could make alot of the newer doll makers into the candybar maker,so that people could pick the things they want to use;like in your other maker,and use them in the candybar maker as well.I think it would make things more fun and easier. Specially for those of us who can't see the small things in the other too well.
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Hi! Nice site!
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