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Windows Clipboard (Copy-Paste)

You really must understand how to use the Windows Clipboard, or you will not be very productive with any Windows application.

If you have ever copied and pasted something in a Windows application, you have already used the Windows Clipboard.

The Clipboard is a time-saving and convenient tool you can use to move or copy information within one document or from one application to another. To use the Clipboard, first select some text or the item you wish to copy (text or graphics) and then tell a program to "copy" (or "cut") it to the Clipboard. You can then tell another program (or the same program) to "paste" the information. You can find very good example of Copy-Paste operation in our article about Paint

As you probably know, the Clipboard can hold only one piece of data for cut, copy and paste at one time. In general, it can hold only one piece of the same kind of data at a time. If we send new information of the same format to the Clipboard, we wipe out what was there before. The contents of the Clipboard stays with the Clipboard even after we paste those contents into another program.

There are three ways to use the Windows Clipboard:

  • From the Edit menu
  • Using hot-keys such as [Ctrl] -C for copy, after you select the item you wish to copy
  • Using right-click, after you select something The Windows Clipboard is available in all programs from the Edit menu. Here is an example from Microsoft Word.


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