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Internet Setup Problem

You could be redirected to this page because we detected problems with your current internet setup. If you were redirected here then you probably would not be able to see some of the images on the site and will have "X" instead of the images on our dollmaker.

We have found that some of our users experience the problem with the site if they run any version of Norton's Internet firewall products or any firewall products that block HTTP_REFERER header. The problem is that the site uses the HTTP_REFERER tag from your browser to verify that your request is originated from this site and not from any other source.

Following is the list of things you should check if you are not able to view the pictures on the site:
  • Disable Zone Alarm Pro (if you have it), or configure it to allow passing the headers info:
      1. Click Privacy
      2. Click Cookie Control
      3. Click Custom
      4. Uncheck "remove private header information"
  • Disable Norton Internet Security (if You have it), or configure it to allow passing the headers info (you can find how to configure NIS to allow headers below).
  • Disable Windows XP's internal Firewall
      1. Open XP's Control Panel
      2. Double-click Networking and Internet Connections
      3. Select Network Connections
      4. Right-click on the connection to disable, then select Properties
      5. On the Advanced tab, clear the Protect my computer or network checkbox
      6. Press OK
  • Disable WebWasher Standard Filter/URL Filter
  • Disable any "ad blocking" software
  • Disable any Pop-up blockers
  • Make sure you have HOSTS file with only line

Below you will find instructions on configuring you Norton Internet Security software to allow you to work with the site. We are not familiar with the product. So we can only answer questions about the screens we have here. If your software is any different, we don't have any information on it. We can not say which steps you should take to configure it. We only can suggest to enable the headers (http headers [http_referer header]).
Following instrucsions include only one record:, you will have to repeat the process for and

You need following sites to be configured according to these instructions:

  • (if you are using dolliecrave)
The information is also available directly from Symantec Website:
How to pass referrer information to specific Web pages in NIS and NPF 2003.
How to pass referrer information to specific Web pages in NIS and NPF 2002 and earlier

Click "OPTIONS" on the top towards the right. You will see two or three different choices.Select Internet Security (not Norton Antivirus) and you will get the following screen




Click "ADD SITE"


Type "" in this box. Then click the OK button.


We highlighted and selected the "PRIVACY" tab. Check box "Use these rules for" and the screen will allow you to change the BLOCKED to PERMIT (at the very least we need the "Cookies" and "Referer" fields set to PERMIT)

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