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Technical Details
I know there are a lot of technical people out there who are interested what does it take to create and operate The Doll Palace and how do we manage the site.

We can track the site as far back as September 2000, this is when we have build our first banner.

At that time The Doll Palace was just a homepage that was hosted as a part of the other site at home dsl line. It was a pretty simple site, but it was amazing how many people were interested in getting our dolls. In the beginning we were just giving out the dolls with codes. There were absolutely no tools and nothing like any dynamic content that we have now. You can take a look at The Doll Palace in year 2000 by clicking here.

Slowly the site was growing and at some point our old server was not able to handle the heavy load. Thanks to our friends and users of The Doll Palace we were able to upgrade the site and move out to the datacenter. Currently we have many different servers that are handling the site. Each computer has a separate line and task in site operations.

Jess AKA DarkAngel started The Doll Palace project in 1999, but now we have a very nice team of designers, developers and writers that help to support operations and manage new content.

With millions of users, huge base of different dolls and makers that you can only imagine there is no doubt The Doll Palace is the leader in the cartoon dolls community.
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